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News Update 3/28/2011

rickday 300x274 News Update 3/28/2011

Tyler by Rick Day NYC Dec 4 2010

First off I want to thank everyone that has shown support and given me positive feedback on my youtube channel, bodyspace page, and facebook page.   This past week I launched my store  where you can purchase my first t-shirt.  Keep it 100 means give 100 percent to EVERYTHING you do in life.  Hard work pays off in more ways than one.  I also put up a shout box which is on the right column and it allows you to post comments or ask any questions.  So let me know what you like to see or see more of on here.  May 21,2011 I will be competing in the Physique division at the NPC Junior Nationals.  The physique division is brand new this year and I think it will be HUGE.  It will bring a whole new audience to the fitness and bodybuilding industry and I'm excited to see what happens in May.  The competition will take place in Charleston,SC.  New videos will be up this weekend!  Weekly updates to my youtube channel will start up again! If there is anything you'd like to see on my channel feel free to post it in my shout box or send me an email.  I'm in the new Men's Workout magazine this month too.  This is old material that I shot in 2008 that is being re-used.  I didn't know that I was in it until I got a text from one of my clients yesterday telling me about it.  Natural Muscle is going to be running my eating disorder story in an upcoming issue.  I will post it up once I know more.

photo411 225x300 News Update 3/28/2011

TM Keep it 100

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