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-News- UPDATE December 3 2010

My NYC trip has been amazing so far.  I feel great despite being very low carb right now.  I'm not even going to lie though  I'm so looking forward to having some NYC PIZZA tomorrow right after my final shoot with Paul Reitz.  I'm thinking I might have to get some cheescake as well icon smile News UPDATE December 3 2010 Yesterday I shot with Rick Day.  I believe that was around our sixth time shooting so I always get good shots from him.  Today was Greg Vaughan.  I absolutely love what we shot  and CAN NOT wait till I get these images back.

A quick update about my you tube channel is that I'm going to be adding 2 new sections! First off will be a section titled A Fly On the Wall. This section will have behind the scences footage from my travels and photoshoots and footage of my point of view from the trip.  Second will be Basic Instructions. This section will be basic instructional videos on proper form for a particular muscle group or muscle.  Sunday I'll be uploading my NYC trip and I'm filming a delicious and nutrious cooking segment for desert.  Also this upcoming week I'll be filming my leg workout.

Here is a preview from my Rick Day shoot last night.

TM 5 0041 226x300 News UPDATE December 3 2010

December 2 2010 NYC

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  1. Did your arms wo tonight….awesome. Can’t wait for all the new stuff, gotta be great.

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