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Hello everyone!  This site is still a work in progress.  I'm looking at within the next week or so it should be finalized.  My goal for this site is to allow everyone to be able to intereact with me and with the search function you can see any of my old workout routines, nutrition logs, etc.  Thanks to my webmaster Brian!  I'm very excited about having this new site and I hope everyone enjoys the information. Here is a picture I took with my Iphone after my chest routine this morning. Also make sure to check out the video!

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  1. Quick question for you, What is your time rest in between sets in your chest workout? Is is the same rest period for all of you workouts?

  2. Bernard..yep i rest only 30seconds to a 1 minute at the most in between sets of all workouts.

  3. Thanks, looking great man. I have tried your turkey patties and they are great tasting. Thanks for all those recipes and for the first time i have gotten the courage to cook.

  4. thats great bernard i’m glad i can help!

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