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Program and Dietary Changes

davidvance Program and Dietary Changes

David Vance - Miami, FL 2008

This week I'll be switching up my training program along with a few dietary changes.  If you have been following my site for a while my training split has always consisted of

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Legs
  5. Arms

Sometimes Legs and arms were switched on days and sometimes I would add biceps with chest and triceps with back.  For the most part though this has been the order that I've been training my body for the past year or so.  That being said I'm excited to switch things up and try something new.  Also for the past months I had only been doing all low intensity cardio which I think has allowed me to put on all of my quality size back on (from where I had lost EVERYTHING when I decided to do fashion and battled with an eating disorder. to read full story click here) but my body is ready for change and is craving the feeling of high intensity work.  I plan on doing sprint work,stepmill intervals,stair climber intervals, jump rope, spin class, trx, and maybe some swimming as well.  My new weight training split will be

  • Monday - Chest + Biceps + Abs
  • Tuesday - Quads + Calves + Abs
  • Wednesday - OFF
  • Thursday - Shoulders + Triceps + Calves + Abs
  • Friday - Back + Hamstrings + Abs
  • Saturday - Arms + Abs
  • Sunday - OFF

Another change will be that my cardio will be seperate from my weight training.  Meaning my cardio will be done later on in the afternoon/night instead of directly after my weight training.  As for dietary changes I'll still be having my same protein sources (chicken,egg whites,whey,white fish,ground turkey) and carb sources will still be the same (brown rice,sweet potato,cream of wheat, oats) Just the timing will change a bit and no more high sodium sauces.  I've learned my my body is sensitive to retaining water from sodium.  My midsection has been a bit watery looking from having the high sodium sauces with every meal (hot sauce,cal free bbq sauce,liquid amino soy sauce) so those have got to go and I'll be using some mustards instead.

All of that being said if I feel that I'm losing my muscle mass from the cardio changes then I'll back off but my cardio workouts are going to be short.  No more 45-60 minutes a day.

Supplementation - Still no supplements except protein powders will be taken for the month of  September

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