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Roanoke Trip Part 2

cake 300x225 Roanoke Trip Part 2

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Thanksgiving was great!  I spent all day with my family and didn't leave the house at all.  I had my normal first meal but after that just had 2 very large meals and a couple snacks of cheese bread and sausage balls.  I barely even ate any turkey because I wanted all the carbs and sugars icon smile Roanoke Trip Part 2   It felt weird not eating on my normal schedule and I was ready to get right back to it Friday.  I believe the reason people gain unwanted weight during the holidays is they continue on day after day eating leftovers etc. you can't do this and expect not to gain fat even if you are working out still.  Have the one day and move on.  All of the food cranked up my metabolism a notch.  Every time I would eat something I would almost break a sweat. Later that night my Dad and I watched Horrible Bosses after watching about an hour worth of previews.  It was a pretty funny movie but damn there have been some shitty movies lately..it shouldn't take an hour to find a movie to watch lol.

nov25 300x300 Roanoke Trip Part 2

Ben and Brook - 11/25/2011 Gold's Gym

sister1 150x150 Roanoke Trip Part 2

Michael (brother in law),Megan,Leah

pawdylandad 150x150 Roanoke Trip Part 2

Paw Paw (grandfather), Dylan,Dad

Friday's chest smash was INTENSE!  My friends Ben and Brook trained with me.  If I could train with them every week I know I would make some serious strength gains.  They are some BEASTS! Both were pressing the 130lb Db's.  Ben goes to VMI and once he's finished he's going to do his first show and Brook goes to Radford and is wanting to gain more size before he competes himself.  They both are weighing around 230-240lb.

All week I've had some really good workouts except my delt workout on Tuesday.  Trent linked up with me again today and we trashed some hams.  He's got a great frame and is wanting to add on some size too.  I'll be helping him with his diet so he can pack on some muscle.

Overall is has been nice being back in Roanoke for the week and I'll be coming back for Christmas!

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