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Weekly Progression Update

Another great week of workouts.  Today I'm taking off and getting some rest and relaxation in.  I'm happy with this week's progress even though it's nothing drastic I'm still tightening up in certain areas.  I still have fat to lose around my lower back (that I've never gotten rid of) around my abs, and lower pec area around the arm pit.  sidetrijuly9 300x157 Weekly Progression UpdateThis week I'll be making a few changes on my nutrition menu.  I'll be switching the broccoli to baby leaf spinach and today is my last day of chicken thigh meat icon sad Weekly Progression Update   Also, I got my Karbolyne in the mail yesterday so I'll be supplementing that for a post workout immediate carbohydrate. This will be week 3 with this nutrition plan but only the second full week of no cheat meals.  I have to say this is the first time EVER that I feel that I have my nutrition on point.  Every time in the past I would feel so depleted and sick that I convinced myself I needed lots of junk food every weekend to make me feel better.  In turn it did nothing but slow me down. This time around my body is working properly and I'm excited to keep progressing!   When your on your own journey of progression remember to be patient.  Rome wasn't built over night.  I know at times it can be frustrating and it's a hell of a lot easier to say screw it but TRUST ME it's worth it to stick it out and keep working hard.  If it were easy everyone would have amazing physiques. I hope everyone had a awesome week and are having a fun and safe weekend.

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