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I don’t know if the weights are lighter or…

photo77 225x300 I dont know if the weights are lighter or...

Drago - 10/12/2011

First off I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately. Between my training business and my personal workouts by the end of each day I'm worn out and ready to lay in bed and relax.  As a personal trainer your schedule is all over the place.  Almost every day starts for me at 5am and doesn't end until 8-9pm. I'm not complaining at all though I love my job and making my clients happy makes me happy.  Since joining the NAC I don't know if the weights are lighter or I'm just getting stronger icon smile I dont know if the weights are lighter or...   When I spoke with Hany last week the game plan is still to continue to fill me out so I'll have a rounder 3-D look.  My workouts are improving and the Evogen stack is giving me the most ridiculous pumps I've ever experienced along with continous strength gains from workout to workout.  I'll be taking some new digitals on Saturday and will be posting them here along with a story reflecting back on the past two years.  Everyone keep training hard and don't get down on yourself if your not seeing results fast enough.  Remember that building and sculpting your physique takes time and if it were easy everyone would be doing it.  It takes a very strong mindset along with persistence and I know all of you that follow my site have that drive within so keep it up! Hard work pays off in more ways than one!

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