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11/17/2011 - Nashville

Coming into only the second week of cutting and I feel great.  However I have to deal with a little bit of hunger which will most likely not get any better but it's nothing compared to when I tried the lean gains approach.  I put myself through pure hell for 3 weeks with only eating 3 times a day.  Fasting up until 12-1pm and only eating chicken and asparagus.  Same for the other 2 meals as well.   Do not try that on yourself.  I felt horrible and it made me look very skinny.  Back to what's going on currently it's been a awesome week of workouts.  I leave on Monday morning for VA and I'll be up there for a full week.  This is a much needed break for me and I can't wait to spend time with my family and friends.  I'll be linking up with my old training partner Ben Bowles so we will be training together all week along with Trent.  I received an email the other day from Trent and he looks totally different now from when he used to workout at the BAC when I was first starting to gain a lot of mass.  He has a very similar story to mine as he was a basketball player and didn't get into lifting until after high school.  I'm looking forward to training my ass off all week and even though I won't be eating all day like I usually do every year on Thanksgiving the taste of  progression to my goals is much better icon smile Wholesale Discovery   In order to be the best you have to live it!

photo110 e1321626833207 225x300 Wholesale DiscoveryAfter watching a lifestyle video on Todd Jewel (another Hany Rambod creation) on musculardevelopment.com it showed him going to a wholesale meat place to get all of his meats.  I googled to see if we had one here in Nashville and low and behold there was one 5 minutes from the house.  This is a great way to save money if you eat the kind of portions I do.

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