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screen shot from members section video

The first week almost done of starting my new program and it has kicked my ass all week.  My whole body has been sore since Monday and it's been nice to get a change up since things were starting to feel a little stale.  If you ever start to feel this way with your workouts don't be afraid to switch things up a bit.  This weekend I'll be filming another full workout video for the members section.  The one that I did last weekend came out to be 27 minutes long.  I give tips throughout the whole workout.  I can't wait to get the ball rolling on this as I have a lot of different ideas I'll be providing.  If you have any suggestions that you would like to see in the members section videos feel free to email me [email protected] or post them in my shout box.  Also which muscle group do you want my next youtube video to be that I'll be filming next week? Thanks for the continued feedback and support!  Have a good weekend everyone and stay motivated.  Keep training hard!!


Questions – 2/24/2012

shoutbox7 300x1806 Questions 2/24/2012James
How do you properly warm up for heavy squats? I can do 10 reps of 315lbs, but i feel like my warm up to get there isn't at its best. Should i be doing a few sets with short rest periods? or start my weight low and go up and increments of 50lbs with 10 reps of each set until i get to the 315? Im trying to warm up enough to get my joing and blood pumping in my legs but not so much that im too tired to lift the heavy weight!
24 February 2012

Tyler - That is some good weight your moving right there! keep up the hard work! I always start my leg session off with 5-10 minutes on the recumbent bike. I'll do 3-5 warm up sets before I get into my working sets keeping the reps low though so I don't fatigue resting about a minute in between warm ups.  Depending how heavy i'm going that day I'll only do 5 reps or so on each warm up set.  Hope this helps...all that being said I usually hit squats now at the end of my quad workout because the mechanics feel better and my knees don't ache.

Hey Tyler, i've been following Hany's "GET JACKED" program and so far my chest and back days are phenomenal, im getting great workouts from it. My Shouler day however, feels like its not being stimulated enough. It might be becasue of all the isolation exercises that im not used to, im not sure. One exercise involves doing front raises on an incline bench, face down; this is an FST-7 technique as well. I feel like i cant quote get a proper pump in my front delt from this exercise, im not sure what angle the bench should be at and if it should be bringing my arms parallel to my body or parallel to the floor. When i have workouts where my pumps are just "okay", i tend to second guess my postworkout shake consisting of 50g carbs... im on th evogen stack as well. Let me know if you can offer any advice about the Incline bench exercise and taking in postworkout carbs for moderate workout days. Thanks!
24 February 2012

Tyler - First off don't second guess yourself on the post workout drinks.  We all have those days where you don't get a good full pump and it kinda just puts a damper on the rest of your day.  Happened to me yesterday.  As for the incline front raises put the bench on a 45 degree angle or so..most incline are numbered and i usually put it on 4 or 5.  It's a great exercise maybe just drop the weight a little and really focus on the feeling going slower with your reps until you get the mind muscle connection down.  If that doesn't help I would just substitute that exercise for another front raise exercise and hit the fst with a rope front raise.

Do you do a protien shake after your Cell Kem? What do you put in it?
23 February 2012

Tyler - No..30 minutes after I take Cell Kem and glycoject I have a whole food meal

Hey Tyler can you tell me some examples of your favorite clean meals? like chicken and sweet potato, or what are your favorite sources of carbs and such?
23 February 2012

Tyler - I'll be posting my daily food logs in the members section so you will see exactly what I'm eating every day.

Hey Ty, i feel like i cant get proper posture/footing when doing one arm rows on a flat bench, i feel like my lower back gets involved or my back doesnt get stimulated enough, im not sure if maybe my foot is to close to the bench or if i should be bending my knee. Any advice on one arm rows? I'[ve tried to lighted the weight and i make sure im always looking forward.
23 February 2012

Tyler - This will be something you will have to play around with to get the best feeling for you.   Whenever I do them I have a bend in my knee is its close to the bench.  Part of my members section videos I describe how to properly preform each exercise and where you should feel it.

When you say supplement hiatus, does that include whey and casein? Or is it just eliminating pre workout, creatine, etc? Great page by the way, looking forward to the members section.
23 February 2012

Tyler - It's just eliminating pre workout,creatine, and the pre and post carbohydrate drink.

How much water do you drink during your workout? If I am smaller I should drink less right?
22 February 2012

Tyler - I drink about a half gallon during my workout and a half gallon leading up to my workout.  I would say a liter pre workout and a liter during workout would be sufficient.

Have you ever heard of or used "Animal" products i.e. Animal Stak, Animal Cuts, etc.? Do you know anything anout this supplement
22 February 2012

Tyler - I've used the mutli vitamin and the animal cuts before.  I used the cuts when I was going through my eating disorder in nyc so i can't give a valid review on them since i wasn't on a proper exercise and nutrition plan.  I will say one thing I didn't like about the product was that it had a diuretic in it.  I don't think it's safe to take diuretics daily.

...a 27 minute-long workout on video? O.K., Tyler, you got me. I going to become a member. Glad to see you decided to create a members only section of your site. You deserve it for all the inspiration and advice you give.give inspiration
22 February 2012

Tyler - Thanks You!

Hey Ty. ive got such a passion and drive for health and fitness, and really want to get into the field and study it more in depth. wanted to know how you got into personal training, and if you have any advice for the likes of myself wanting to get more involved and persue a career in fitness and nutrition? you're a huge inspiration to me, and get alot of motivation from your videos and articles. thnx.
22 February 2012

Tyler - First off thanks for the compliments...I got into personal training when I was 20 years old.  I had gotten a job at a gym being the "house keeping" staff.  I cleaned toilets and did laundry etc.  I became friends with one of the personal trainers there and after speaking with him this seemed like something I wanted to try out.  It took me about 4 months to get my first certification (ISSA) and every two years you have to get continued education courses. 


Questions – 2/21/2012

shoutbox7 300x1805 Questions 2/21/2012Sam
Why do you do so much cardio if you are in a stage where you are trying to put on mass in which case you would want to take in more caloiries than you expend
22 February 2012

Tyler - to keep my body fat level low plus i just feel healthier doing cardio.  i'm not doing nearly as much cardio as i was..there for a while i was doing 2 sessions everyday no days off.

Tyler, what were those grips I saw you put up a while ago for pull ups and stuff liike that? they looked good!
22 February 2012

Tyler - they were Big Back Grips...I honestly don't use them anymore. I use traditional straps for back day

Amazing video Tyler, hope you make much more!!!! greetins from Argentina =)
21 February 2012

Tyler - Yep many more of these to come for my youtube but for my members section the videos are much longer and i speak throughout them in the gym.  The one I edited today came out to be 27 minutes long

Tyler when I workout my muscles show extremely well but when I dont workout I look like a regular guy what would you recommend me doing? I look well defined and ripped and huge and in great shape during workout but when im not in the gym I look like a regular person
21 February 2012

Tyler - Sounds like it's time that you put on some more mass

What are you taking for supps these days? Thanks
21 February 2012

Tyler - Evogen Stack...EVP,Glycoject,Cell Kem

Quick thanks for your response. Keep it up, man. Once again, great site.
21 February 2012

Tyler - no problem anytime

Tyler -how many grams of carbs are you taking a day, and how are you distributing them? I know you used to avoid carbs imager in the day is this still the case?
20 February 2012

Tyler - avoiding carbs is not the case anymore. i'm currently carb cycling but i'll be posting my daily food logs again in my members section in 3 weeks so you will be able to see exactly what i'm eating every day.

should i tuck my elbows when performing incline chest press ? or just elbows tuck when only performing flat chest press? thx ~
18 February 2012

Tyler - not sure what you mean by elbows tucked?


Shoulders/Traps – 2/17/2012

videos9 300x120133 Shoulders/Traps 2/17/2012
Standing DB Lateral Raise - 4x8-12
Seated Db Press - 4x8-12
Reverse Pec Dec - 3x8-12
Behind the Back cable Lateral - 3x8-12
Dips - 3x10-12
DB Shrugs - 4x15-20


Trashed Quads!

membersectionscreen 300x87 Trashed Quads!

Screenshots from yesterdays workout video for Members Section

After taking a 4 week hiatus from supplementation yesterday was the first day I started taking them again and I'm doing things a little differently.  Yesterday had a great workout and the whole thing was filmed for my members section.  Today was leg day but my schedule was pressed for time so I only had time for quads and I completely trashed them.  They were giving out on me when I was leaving the gym.  I think partly it's due to the supplements and partly due to the fact that I ate a 14" inch mushroom and pepperoni pizza last night  icon smile Trashed Quads!   FINALLY found a good pizza spot here in Nashville.  Up until last night anytime I would get pizza it was a failure. So I'll either be training hams here in a couple of hours or do them tomorrow on my scheduled day off.  I'll be uploading my new shoulder workout video tomorrow so make sure to check that out!

425306 178832035560500 163846577059046 270340 1458663731 n 225x300 Trashed Quads!

5 Points Pizza


Lots of filming…

shoulderscreen Lots of filming...

screenshot from shoulder video

This weekend has been a busy one with a lot of filming.  Friday I filmed my shoulder workout that will be for my youtube channel and my shoulders are still sore today!  It was a great workout that targets all heads of the deltoids so you will have to check it out in a couple of days when I upload it.  The workout pays a little more attention to the side delt which will give your overall shoulder a rounder look along with width.  Saturday I filmed some stuff here at the house for my members section and this afternoon will be the gym stuff for my members.  It's looking like it will be launching in about 3 weeks if all things go as planned.  I'm revamping my whole site and I'm very excited to see how it looks.  Brian my webmaster and his team have been working on it.


I've already knocked out my 45 minutes of cardio this morning and I'm going to relax and watch the Knicks game here shortly and then the Heat play a little later before I go to film.  Later on tonight is my favorite night for TV.  Californication has been one of my favorite shows since season 1 but this season hasn't been that great so far.  I also just started watching the new HBO series Luck about the horse racing business.  Very complex story and intriguing

drago1 300x300 Lots of filming...



Questions – 2/16/2012

shoutbox7 300x1804 Questions 2/16/2012

If I am on a cut should I still have a bigger than normal meal before and after I work out or still restrict my calories? Thanks
17 February 2012

Tyler - Every meal should still be in balance.  That being said in the past when I was trying to get my leanest I would just eat carbs before and after my workouts and all of my other meals were protein and veggies and some fats.

thanks a lot for all you produced on your website, so amazing.
16 February 2012

Tyler - Your welcome! I'm happy you like it!

Hey love the website, thought I would give you some constructive criticism. Your medial and long head of your tricep is lacking as well as your rear delts. Every thing else looks amazing, keep it at bro.
15 February 2012

Tyler - Thanks!  I'm a work in progress always...thanks for the support!

hey tyler..i was looking at your youtube page, and was watching the at home ab workout video. i think u posted it around November 2010. Around how much did you weigh around then? you look more lean then, as you have put more mass in your present pictures. thanks.
14 February 2012

Tyler - Yeah I was definitely a lot smaller then.  My body fat was a little bit lower than it is now but  I weighed 195-200lb so I've gained around 20lbs since then.

Hey Tyler, I was wondering if you just blend the oats into a protein shake or do something different...also im trying to get cut as well as put on mass, should I keep using Myofusion once a day right after my workout? Or do the why that comes in the 6 pound bag from costco in the morning and then the myofusion like normal?
14 February 2012

Tyler - Whenever I have oats and protein powder together I'll just mix them in a bowl together with water and microwave it.  Tastes really good that way or I'll blend it together and make pancakes out of it and use sugar free syrup.  I would stick with the gaspari for your protein it's going to be better quality then the big bags from costco.

Tyler, After about an hour of weights I sometimes do 15 minutes of incline treadmil, but am afraid to more I get real paranoid that doing cardio is just eating away at my mucles if I do any longer after wieights, how long do you do cardio for after weights and how many times per week?
13 February 2012

Tyler - I've been the same way in the past about being paranoid that the cardio will burn off the muscle.  As long as your eating enough quality food throughout the day you will not have to worry about that.  Whenever I do cardio directly after weights its for 35 minutes on the stepmill.  I'll usually do that 2-4 times a week depending on how my body feels.


A much needed day off…

Today I had all intentions of going to train legs but after my morning clients and my one cup of coffee wore off I got progressively more worn down.  I figured once I ate my next meal that I would get the energy to go train but it's just one of those days.  Not feeling it and whenever I feel like this I take the day off.  There is a difference in listening to your body and being lazy.  You have to train smart and take days off when your body is beat up even though you might be scheduled to train that day.  My program has changed up as of  yesterday and I'm looking forward to seeing what type of results this next phase produces.  You will get to follow along my program in my members section and I guarantee you will see results yourself.  This weekend is a busy one for me I'll be filming all weekend for my members section along with a new video for my youtube.com/tylermcpeak channel that I'll be putting out next week.  Everyone keep training hard but listen to your body if it needs a break take a day off...rest is just as essential in the whole process of producing the best possible results as the actual workouts.

422453 176740302436340 163846577059046 265816 267534128 n 225x300 A much needed day off...

Jake felt the same way I did today


Mind Muscle Connection

424629 175553122555058 163846577059046 263789 247052405 n 300x300 Mind Muscle Connection


The mind muscle connection makes all of the difference when it comes to stimulating growth and detailing quality muscle. If you are not squeezing and contracting the muscle each rep of each set then you are selling yourself short. The muscle will not respond to it's full potential. You need to be able to feel the muscle you are working do the work not all of your ancillary muscles taking on an unnecessary workload. I believe in stimulating and not annihilating the muscle. This means training hard but training smart. Don't lift with you ego. Training too heavy will only increase your risk of injury and chance of sacrificing proper form. That's just going to slow progress and that's not what we are trying to do. Mind muscle connection is not something you can easily learn overnight and it takes years to master. I've been training now for about 8 years and each year the connection is still improving.


A couple of my GOALS

screenshot2 300x169 A couple of my GOALS

Screenshot from Chest/Bicep video

Since I've been getting a lot of questions recently about what I'm currently doing and what my physique goals are now I figured I would just make a quick post about it.  My goals are to get back into the fitness magazines.  I have not shot for a fitness magazine or fitness shoot since 2008.  If you have been following my site you know the whole story of when  I went to NYC and tried out fashion modeling lost my fitness physique and it ended up being a bad situation.  So for all of 2010 I didn't take nutrition very serious and was still partying a lot on weekends and just wasn't doing things correctly in order to achieve the type of physique I want.  It wasn't until I linked up with Hany that everything changed.  Fast forward till now and when I last spoke with Hany the game plan is to maintain the body fat level that I'm at now but still try to fill my frame out.  I will know very soon about possible magazine stuff and then my program will change gears into getting as peeled as possible.  Until then I'm going to continue to add lean mass enjoy the extra food and continue to build up my chest,back and legs more.  I've gotten my weight back to where it was in 2008 but feel that I have a more matured look.  Currently I'm 218lb in the morning on an empty stomach and 222 when I go to bed.  When my member section launches I'll be doing my food log in it once again so you can follow my daily current diet from this phase I'm in now to when I'm shoot ready.

431410 175392845904419 163846577059046 263427 717155543 n 225x300 A couple of my GOALS