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Chest/Biceps 2/11/2012

videos9 300x120132 Chest/Biceps 2/11/2012
I train Chest and Biceps at Nashville Athletic Club on 2/12/2012. I explain each exercise and different techniques I use throughout the workout. Currently I'm weighing 218lb in the morning.


Members Section Coming Soon!

I'm extremely excited to be launching a Members section of my website within the next month.  It will include A LOT more detailed content.  I'll be doing longer videos and explaining what I'm doing while I'm working out.  I will also have weight loss programs, lean mass building programs, and programs for women.  It will be as if I'm your personal trainer over the internet.  I will be teaching all of my tips and tricks that I've learned over the years since I got started.  I'll have my full diet I've been following and my blogs will be updated daily with the exact workouts that I'm doing.  There will be a forum for members to ask me any questions.   Also I'll be doing videos in the kitchen making healthy recipes and showing how I prepare my food.  There will be new videos every week.  I want to make it affordable for all of my dedicated followers so for a limited time I will be offering this membership for $4.95 (US Dollars) per month for lifetime.  Stay tuned for more information.

screenshot 300x169 Members Section Coming Soon!

Screenshot from Chest/Bicep video 2/11/2012

On the flip side I will still be doing some free content.  Every couple of weeks I will continue to put out a youtube video and will be updating my facebook and twitter daily.  Thanks for the ongoing support! Keep training hard!


Questions – 2/12/2012

feb11 225x300 Questions 2/12/2012

2/11/2012 - Nashville Athletic Club

Tyler!! would be interesting to do videos like "how to do deadlifts, squats, etc." showing the right technique!! thanks!
12 February 2012

Tyler - I will be launching a members section for my site in the next month or so which will include lots of these types of videos.

peter john
tyler send me a chest ...shoulder,,,,.biscep excersies throught which i can quickly grow up my body and look big throught your recommended excercise...send me routine of these excersie...i have 3 months to join the gym
11 February 2012

Tyler - I will be launching a members section for my site in the next month or so which will have lots of information including different programs and routines for specific goals

Tyler, great site. Working out is the easy part. How do you simplify all the various information about nutrition? There is so much info out there I don't know where to start. Thanks
11 February 2012

Tyler - I agree with you on that one..there is so much information and so much bullshit fad diets out there.  I stick with the basic clean healthy foods.  I do a 1.5g per body pound of protein a day but my fats and carbs change up.  The carb and fat intake is something you will have to play around with.  My advice is experiment with different amounts and see how you respond.  If you do to little of them your workouts will suffer and you will feel bad.  One more thing is don't over complicate it..keep it simple and basic.  Stay consistent and dedicated!

hi ~ do u recommend to workout shoulders and back on the same day or chest and back on the same day? thx~
10 February 2012

Tyler - I would do neither.  But if it's because of your schedule and you can only make it to the gym limited days and are forced to choose one or the other i would do chest with front and side delt and the other day do back with rear delt and traps.



When I last spoke with Hany this past weekend one thing he wanted me to incorporate into my training was pre loads and re loads of FST-7.  So for quads today I gave it a try and all I've got to say is it was extremely painful and my legs about gave out on me walking out of the gym and once in the parking lot they almost gave out again walking to my car.  Needless to say it was a great quad session and I got one of my most ridiculous pumps and I'm off all supplements right now for the next few weeks.

leg 276x300 Quads

  1. FST-7 Squats - 3 warm up sets, 5x5 (90 sec b/w sets)
  2. Hack Squat - 4x10-12 (2 min b/w sets)
  3. "Blood Starving" Leg Press - 4x12 (1 min b/w sets)
  4. FST-7 Leg Ext - 7x12 (30 sec b/w sets)

Blood Starving sets is a new technique that Hany has came up with that you can use on limb training.  Basically in a nut shell your not allowing blood to flow to the muscle through a certain exercise then reintroducing blood directly after.  Another great technique to flush as much blood into the muscle and increase your pumps even more.  You won't be able to use as much weight on the leg press as normal but in between sets you keep your legs in the air above your heart not letting the blood flow to them. After you get done with the 4 sets and stand up blood rushes to the muscle.  It's a painful technique but give it a try in your next leg workout.  I'll be using this technique in an upcoming video to better explain.



Questions – 2/9/2012

shoutbox7 300x1803 Questions 2/9/2012Sam
Ty, just reffering back to my previous post but just curious as to why you said that running "burns off more muscle" than doing a stair climber? if you are working in a similar heart rate zone for the same amount of time what is the difference?
9 February 2012

Tyler - If you keep your heart rate in the same zone then there isn't a difference.   I just personally prefer to do low impact because when I used to run and sprint a lot last year my hips,knees,calfs would give me problems all the time and it made my leg strength WEAK for my workouts.

Tyler - I am getting ready to start my cut in a few days and was wondering if I should be taking creatine while I cut and if so what kind? I have gotten mixed opinions when talking to people in the gym about this. I am just about ready to order some supplements and would like to know if I should add this to the list.
9 February 2012

Tyler - I would for sure keep the creatine in.  It will help keep your strength while cutting down.  The only thing creatine might cause is a little water retention and you don't have to worry about that until a week before you were to say go  on vacation,photo shoot,competition, etc. and then at that point a week before you would stop taking it and the little bit of water will come off.

Hey Tyler, hope your doing well. I have a quick question regarding diet. I'm 18, 5'10, and 160 lbs. and have a pretty fast metabolism, and I'm trying to gain lean mass. With that said, do I need to focus on clean diet (chicken, fish, sweet potato, oats, egg white, brown rice, etc.) 100% of the time or should I allow cheat meals? If I should, how often? Thanks for the inspiration Tyler, it truly makes a difference to many!
8 February 2012

Tyler - You should still get in the habit of eating several clean meals a day but don't be afraid to have 2-3 cheat meals a week.  If you see that your gaining fat quickly then back it down to just 2 and if your body can't handle that back it down to 1.  But seeing that your 160lb and have a cranking metabolism I think you'll be good with 3.  Just spread them out over the week. 1 at the start one at the middle and another towards the end.  Also another thing to keep in mind when you have your cheats is make sure your still getting a lot of protein with it.  Don't just cheat on deserts and chips and junk like that.  ENJOY THE GOOD EATING! 

do u recommend to take a multivitamin or single vitamin? because i had read some articles that multivitamin sometimes cannot completely absorb into the body and a waste of money .. so what's your comment on it? thx~
7 February 2012

Tyler - I don't use a multi vitamin anymore or take single vitamins.  Everything you need for recovery is in Cell K.E.M.  That being said before I started working with Hany I was taking Optimum nutrition multi once a day with my first meal.

Hey i added you to PSN, do you still go on?
6 February 2012

Tyler - Yeah I get on everyday.  I added all my new friend req on there hit me up

Hey Tyler- thanks for the response. so after research I've determined that my body needs anywhere from 200-350 grams of carbs a day. Rice is my favorite carb and a cup of rice seems to be 45-50 grams of carbs. Does this mean I can be eating 5-6 cups of rice a day and still be getting results. I feel as if I am eating that much rice gains in bodyfat will be sure to come. When I see many nutrition logs like yours and other fitness models they are not taking nowhere near 5-6 cups of rice. Thoughts?
5 February 2012

Tyler - It depends on what your goals are right now.  If your trying to build then 5-6 cups of rice will be fine however if your trying to cut down then that would be a bit much in my opinion.  I suggest giving it a try for a couple of weeks and see how you respond.

Excluding your daily 40 minutes of cardio, how many minutes or hours long is your daily workout? One trainer told me that more than an hour, counting rest periods, is too long.
5 February 2012

Tyler - 45 minutes to 1 hr.  the longest would be 1 hour and 15-20 minutes of so on a long leg day.



photo142 295x300 Calf/Bicep/Tricep

Yesterday my body was feeling drained from that heavy back day on Sunday but I still got a good arm workout in.

  1. Standing calf raise - 4x15
  2. TRI-SET - hammer strength preacher curl,rope pressdowns,seated calf raise - 4x10-12
  3. spider curls w/ cambered bar superset db seated overhead ext - 3x10-12
  4. standing concentration curls superset cambered bar skull crushers - 3x10-12

This upcoming Sunday I'll be filming my chest workout and I'm looking forward to seeing what type of quality this new camera produces.  The video will be up by Monday afternoon.


Online Training

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Centopani’s Back Workout

WORKOUT13 300x1201172 Centopanis Back WorkoutAfter watching Evan Centopani's latest back workout video on musculardevelopment.com it hyped me up to give this a try.  It's similar to how I used to train my back when I was younger but is still very different.  It was an awesome back session and I know I'll be sore tomorrow.  I'll be using this routine for the next couple of weeks.  Give this one a try on your next back day.

  1. Deadlifts - 2x10 (135lb),1x8 (225lb),1x6 (315lb),3x6 (405lb)
  2. standing straight bar pulldowns - 4x12 (70lb)
  3. narrow d-bar grip pulldowns - 3x10 (140,150,160)
  4. assisted pull ups - 3x10-12 (70lb)
  5. standing one arm db rows - 3x10 (80lb,90lb,100lb)
  6. hammer strength low row - 3x10 (pulled both at the same time) (45+25 each side for first set) (45+35 each side for last 2 sets)
  7. straight bar seated cable row - 3x10 (120lb all sets)

I rested 2 min b/w sets for deadlifts and everything else was 60-90 seconds


Delts at Gym5

Wednesday night I didn't sleep worth a shit so on Thursday once I was done with my morning clients at noon I came home and crashed for an hour or so.  I normally hit the gym every day around 1:30 but I needed the rest if I was going to get a good session in.  I ended up going at 4:30 and didn't want to make the 20 minute drive to the NAC since it would've been around rush hour which I prob would've sat in traffic so I just went to Gym5 (where I personal train clients)  that's 5 minutes from the house.  This workout I focused on the side delt.  If your looking to improve the roundness,width and cap your shoulders off this workout is for you.

feb3 300x213 Delts at Gym5


  1. Smith Machine Press - 2 warm up sets, 3x8-10 one drop set on last set for 5 reps
  2. seated db lateral raise - 3x10-12
  3. standing db lateral raise - 3x10-12
  4. reverse pec dec - 3x10-12
  5. standing behind the back one arm lateral raise - 3x10-12 (slow and controlled reps till 10 then 2 reps holding at the top for a 2 sec pause and control the negative slow after the 2 reps did 3-5 partials bottom half of the movement.)
  6. DB Shrugs - 4x12

Next video will be up on Monday the 13th and it'll be my Chest workout.  I speak with Hany today to see what program changes need to be made.



WORKOUT13 300x1201171 Quad/HamHere is the leg workout from Wednesday.  It was a good one and it hurts to stand and sit now lol.  I didn't get to try the blood starving sets since I had a workout partner but will be getting more into detail later on in a video.

1- leg ext (2x20 warmup) 4x10-12
2- leg press 4x10-12
3- squats - 3x10-12 1x20
4- barbell walking lunges 4x20 steps
5- db stiff leg deadlifts 3x12
6- lying leg curls 3x12
7- seated leg curls 3x12 (pause 2 seconds on each contraction)
all quad sets rest 2 min in b/w and hamstring rest 1 min in b/w