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FOODLOG55 1/26/2011

  1. 5:30am 1/2 cup oats one scoop whey, one scoop whey shake
  2. 8am 8oz chicken
  3. 10am 8 oz chicken
  4. 12pm 8oz chicken, 6oz white potato
  5. 2:30 6oz Turky Pattie
  6. 4:30pm 1/2 cup oats one scoop whey, one scoop whey shake
  7. 7pm cardio
  8. 7:45:pm 54g whey
  9. 8:30pm 8oz chicken
  10. 10:30pm 8oz chicken

For my workout yesterday I just rode my bike to the gym and back total of 3 miles and walked on an incline speed of 3.6 incline on 12.0 for 25 minutes.  Here is a picture of Drago I took this past weekend.

drago 184x300 1/26/2011
Drago 7.5 months old
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  1. What is Drago–a Siberian X German Shepherd cross maybe?

  2. So, have you gotten him a sled harness and taught him to pull? I have been training sled dogs for mucho years(even though I live in the South, too–you use a cart with wheels with a team when there is no snow) and I have 4 rescue Siberians now that are incredible workers! I’m mentioning this to you because you might be interested to learn(or may already know!!) that walking/running a husky on lead is an INCREDIBLE upper body as well as lower body/cardio workout!!! That is, IF you encourage them to PULL, which is the opposite of what most people want in a pet! I can BARELY hold onto two of my guys leashed together now(no way do I even TRY all four without the cart or sled anymore!), if I am going out on foot without a cart or sled–constant tension throughout the run(sometimes DRAG!) in arms, chest, upper back and shoulders! And my legs churning like heck! Heaven help me if a cat or squirrel dashes by!

    • Lane! I don’t think i’ll be teaching him to pull a sled but every time I walk him my shoulders and arms get a heck of a workout because he loves to pull and i’ve been trying to train him not to pull but it’s in their genetics. he’s an awesome dog and i’ve never had a dog be so athletic.

  3. Ha! Sounds like a typical Siberian! Just wait till he’s grown! It is very handy to teach them to pull IN HARNESS(lots of sled dog or musher supplies orderable from the internet these days–a good racing-type harness will only set you back about $20 bux–much better than the walking harnesses sold in pet shops for dogs), but NOT to pull when the lead is attached to the collar–it IS possible(even though they might be a bit confused at first–Sibes are quite smart dogs!)! This way they have an outlet to PULL, which they know is okay–yea, even expected, when they have a harness on, and they can pull as hard as they want without choking, and REALLY give you a good workout! You certainly picked a breed that requires a physically active owner–alas, most people cannot provide an outlet for Siberians high activity levels, and is why so many end up in rescue(sigh….). But you don’t have to get a sled or cart–just running with them like that, or getting them to pull an old tire or other weight(dog packs are another good, and often handy accessory with a husky–you can progressively add weight–just like weight training!) makes all the difference in keeping a happy Siberian. Ooops; sorry–I am a bit of a canine fanatic, and tend to get carried away on the subject……..

  4. why does this page look buggy using my phone?

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