Tyler McPeak


FOODLOG56 300x12059 5/4/2011Yesterday the only workout I did was a 25 minute run outside in the morning and a 30 minute dog walk in the afternoon.

  1. 9am - 3/4cup oatmeal, 27g whey, 1 banana
  2. 11:45am - 7oz sweet potato, 6oz chicken
  3. 2:30pm - 7oz sweet potato, 6oz chicken
  4. 5pm - 7oz can tuna, 2 small tomato
  5. 7pm - 6oz chicken, 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  6. 9pm - 6oz chicken, salad,artichoke,tomato
photo112 225x300 5/4/2011

I put this on my fridge yesterday

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