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FOODLOG56 300x12095 7/26/2011I want to clear up something that I keep reading on my shout box.  When I say I don't care about the number of weight I'm lifting that doesn't mean I don't push myself and lift heavy.  You can not build a physique by not pushing yourself to the absolute max.  I believe you can also not build a physique by getting the muscle full of blood every workout.  That being said this is "bodybuilding" or "physique building" whichever you would like to call it.  If your goal is to put lean mass on you need to be sticking with the 8-12 or even up to 15 reps on some lifts in order to "build muscle"  if your goal is power and strength then your rep range will be anywhere from 1-6.  The difference in training for power and training to build your physique is that in the 1-6 range your trying to move the weight from point a to point b by any means.  With training to build muscle mass your still moving the weight from point a to b but your moving it by using the exact muscle your targeting that day.  On an ending note you have to do what works best for you.  The formula that I do for myself has been producing me results and I don't see why it can't for you.  I'll be putting out new videos very soon so you can see the intensity and weights that I'm using.

  1. 6:30am - 1/4 cup cream of wheat, 2 scoop whey
  2. 9:30am - 6oz chicken, 6 asparagus
  3. 1pm - 12 egg whites, 6 asparagus, 10 almonds
  4. 3:10pm - 6oz orange roughy, 6 asparagus
  5. WORKOUT - immediately after 50g karbolyne,2 scoop xtend
  6. 6pm - 6oz chicken, 6 asparagus, 8oz sweet potato
  7. 9pm - 6oz cod, 6 asparagus, 1/2 tbsp macadamia nut oil
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