Tyler McPeak

food log friday november 19

  1. 5:15am 1/2 cup oats w/ one scoop whey,one scoop whey shake
  2. 8:30am 8 eggwhites one yolk,1 cup sweet potato
  3. 12:50pm 2 grilled turkey patties,1 cup sweet potato,1 tbsp natural pnut butter
  4. 4pm 2 grilled turkey patties,6 asparagus spears
  5. 6pm 50g whey shake
  6. 9pm 8oz chicken breast,2 egg whites, 4 aspagus spears, baby leaf spinach salad,chopped onion, dressing dijon mustard,red wine

for the past few days i've been eating a little more carbohydrates then i usually do to see how my body will react.  so far i'm still progressing and mentally feeling better with a little extra carbs. i'm loving the sweet potatos everyday now. what i like to do with them is after i bake them i'll refridgerate them over night and then eat them cold with ground cinamon.  it reminds me of pumpkin pie....sorta lol.

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  1. Hey, like the site and idea. I linked here from seeing ur vid on bb.com bodyspace. It would be cool if you also log when you workout. I assume its around 4-5pm.

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