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food log november 24 my bday :)

photo2 300x273 food log november 24 my bday :)

Birthday Dinner

1. 7:15 - 1/2 cup w one scoop and one scoop whey

2. 9:20 1/2 cup oat w water

Workout 10am

3. 11:15 50g whey shake 1 banana

4. 12:45 3oz chicken breast 5 Asparagus spears , 1 baked turkey Pattie

5. 2:45 2 baked turkey patties, 8 Asparagus spears

6. 6:30 Outback Steakhouse - Ahi Tuna (about 8 pieces i think) half rack lamb ribs,green beans,house salad (vinegar and pepper) i asked them to not cook anything with butter. 2 glasses of pinot and 1 shot of patron silver

7. after continuing the night downtown Roanoke with my friend Anthony we ended up going to Texas Tavern its the late night munchie spot and managed to have 4 hamburgers.

needless to say....great birthday overall best birthday i've ever had including my party in nashville on the 20th of November.

this was a picture after dinner last night. my grandfather,michael (brother in law),mom,dad,dylon (nephew),megan (sister)

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