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For online support

Email me if your interested in any of my programs - [email protected]

4 Weeks - Nutrition Program - $125.00 month to month

  • Custom-made  for each individual client
  • Regimen based specifically on client’s goals, stats and preferences
  • Unlimited email access to me for questions, concerns and minor changes to optimize results
  • Personalized Nutritional regimen
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Supplementation guidance
  • Phone Consultation every 10-14 days

For 1 on 1 Training in Nashville,TN

I’ve been a fitness fanatic for eight years. Six of those years I worked as a Certified Personal Trainer, four years in Virginia and two in New York City.  I’m currently certified with ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and also as a Specialist in Performance Nutrition.  The fitness lifestyle is my passion and I dedicate myself one hundred percent to each client.  I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients of all ages with specific goals such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Building lean muscle
  • Toning and firming
  • Reaching optimal cardiovascular health

My fitness philosophy in a nutshell is to keep the body guessing.  You will never do the same workout twice which will keep the body producing results and avoid hitting the dreadful plateaus.  You will learn nutrition tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years. Also, how to plan meals, learn the correct nutrition balance for your body, realistic goal setting, and forming healthy habits that will carry on throughout the rest of your life.  So whatever your fitness goals are I will be there assisting you through the whole process.

Contact Tyler via email for rates and package information - [email protected]

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  1. Enjoyed watching your videos and seeing what you eat. I’ve gained 15 lbs since my fitness competition in July, 2010 and REALLY want to get back down. Not necessarily to that fitness body but somewhere close. Everything I eat now seems to be sticking…I just want to get more toned basically. I exercise 4-5 times a week on top of working as a nurse 40+ hrs a week. I think my problem is my eating habits, not so much the exercise. Thanks!

  2. Hey Tyler – I just found out about this page and it looks very interesting. Lots of good information about foods and workouts. I noticed that for your meals, you have “whey” and “whey protein.” Is there a difference between these two? any brands that you recommend for these? I keep getting “whey protein” when y type just “whey” in google. Anyways, thank you much in advance for your reply.

  3. hey tyler i wanted to say you are doing amazing work!! your very dedicated to your life style!! i was reading about how you have a six week online program that i was interested in!! so if you find time would love to hear from you. thank you for the motivation and this website!! keep it up!!

  4. Hey Tyler. Im 22 and live in England, i weigh 158lbs and desperately want to gain weight and muscle. I have tried every diet and workout online but nothing to seems to work. I have been trying to gain weight and build muscle for 4 years now and had no luck. What kind of diet plan and workout do i need? My goal is to be a similar size and shape as you. Thanks.

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  6. Hi Tyler,
    I am 28 years old and I have been trainig for about a year and I have tried every diet and workout online but nothing to seems to work. This is the first time i’ve seen you and also the first time i’ve been on your webiste. I was reading about how you have a six week online program that I am interested in the program!! so if you have time could you please email me and tell me more about the program and if you could help me to build a good physique. Thanks

  7. hey tyler i just had a few questions. i got the six pack and everything how do i get an eight pac. and get them toned and defined like yours? ive been trying and trying but I dont seem to get anywhere.

  8. Hi Tyler, question for you. Would you advise performing supersets for every workout or do you believe they should be used sparingly to be effective? I’d like to cut my routine down to 3 days a week for the next few months. I’m still trying to increase some muscle mass, but I have some time constraints over the next few months.

  9. Hey Tyler! I have a couple questions for you on supplements and protein!! I have never been one to use them I think because I don’t understand them enough and I hope that I am getting everything I need from my food!!! I am 5’10 and workout 6 days a week and just being active doing something I love like volleyball or something fun on the 7th!!! I eat very clean… 5-6 small meals a day .. egg whites and oatmeal every morning and chicken rice and veggies through out the rest of the day as well as all natural peanut butter!! Do you think it is good to have shakes and all the rest of that stuff I see many people pounding back or is what I am doing all good?

  10. Hey bro you are an inspiration! For real i hope someday to be like you!

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