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Chicken Salad (Buffalo Style)

photo59 225x300 Chicken Salad (Buffalo Style)Another one of Mark Dugdale's recipes that I love is this chicken salad.  This picture doesn't do it justice to how it tastes if your a chicken salad fan.  I ate this all weekend since I didn't workout and was only doing 30g of carbs this mixture you can make high fat or low.  Also how I measured it out was I cooked enough frozen chicken tenderloins to weigh out to five 6oz (cooked weight) meals before I mixed everything up.  Once I mixed everything up I distributed equally in plastic containers.

Ingredients -

  • chicken tenderloins or chicken breast
  • seasoning (i use salt free greek all purpose)
  • heritage fare buffalo sauce
  • 1 packet of shredded lettus
  • 1/2 packet cole slaw mix
  • 1.5 cups of Fage greek yogurt (fat free) *make sure to get the fage i used a different namebrand on sunday and it wasn''t as thick and was more watery which made the mixture watery.
  • chopped walnuts
  • 2-5 tbsp of macadamia nut oil or extra virgin olive oil


  1. boil frozen chicken for 30-35 minutes
  2. let cool off then weigh out how many meals it will make once it's cooled off break up into shredded pieces in a large bowl
  3. add seasoning to liking, add lettus and cole slaw, add chopped walnuts (i use about a half cup)
  4. add yogurt
  5. you can skip out on the oil as when i made my final mixture on sunday i used no oil but the first two batches i did. first one i used extra virgin and second i used macadamia nut oil...my favorite was mac oil but i wanted to lower my fat content back down on sunday.
  6. mix all together and distribute evenly in plastic containers and refrigerate
  7. once your ready to eat pour some of the heritage fare buffalo sauce (or other zero sugar condiments to add flavor) and mix up and enjoy. I also tried the zero cal bbq sauce on it and i didn't like it.  I tried some dijon mustard and didn't like that either.
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