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Questions – 9/1/2011

Tyler McPeak 3 207x300 Questions 9/1/2011

Greg Vaughan - Summer of 2009 NYC

Ty could you tell me what is your daily basis calory goal ? it seems to be a 2200-2500 cal/day analysing you diet log ! is that right ? thanks a lot ! and please keep to be the Best !
1 September 2011

Tyler - I honestly don't know what my calorie count is. I've never counted calories.

Tyler please keep in contact with all your fans during your new training process and stay for all of us a model of life and results ! thanks!
1 September 2011

Tyler -  I'll still be updating my site daily still

Ty, what you do when have many anxiety for sweets???
1 September 2011

Tyler - I'm not sure I would call it anxiety but when I'm craving sweets or anything junk food in general I either leave the house and do something productive to keep my mind busy or I'll go to the gym and do cardio.  Keeping your mind busy helps out A LOT because you won't sit there and think about all the shit your not supposed to be having.

make sure you do the fitness modeling routine...not body building. he will make you large if not. you are one of the most attractive dudes because you have the right balance...dont get super big.
1 September 2011

Tyler - thank you. i do not want to get super big.

is it possible to get a physique like yours without doing legs? just wondering. when i was younger, i always just thought my cardio and bball was my leg workout. what is your take tyler?
31 August 2011

Tyler - You have to train legs! There are way to many benefits to training legs that you miss out on if you don't do them or do them half assed.  Your whole body will grow and get stronger if you train legs hard and intense.  Plus if your trying to build a similar physique to mine you will want to stay in balance and not have anything left behind.

Hey Tyler, I feel like my shoulder mass is lagging. The put on mass in bis and tris fairly easy but my shoulder doesnt seem to be filling out much. As a result i feel like im getting a rounded look rather then a v-taper. What would you suggest to fix this? Training Shoulder twice a week? Thanks!
31 August 2011

Tyler - I suggest kicking your week off with shoulders if they are lagging behind everything.   Always start your workout off with heavy barbell or dumbell pressses. keep your rep range around 6-10.  Try this for about 4 weeks.  If you still feel they are lagging still keep them at the beginning of the week but hit them again about 3-4 days later. also another thing to keep in mind is make sure to squeeze your shoulders on every rep. it took me a while to get the mind muscle connection on my shoulders but once you do you will see progress a lot faster. hope this helps.

thanks for answer my question but your answer has spurred another question lol. how long should you stick with diet changes to see if they work or not? like 3-4 weeks?
30 August 2011

Tyler - it depends on where your body fat level is at. if your already pretty low the slightest changes you will notice a difference. so if something is making you feel bloated or retain water etc then i would change it immediately.  however if your abs aren't visible then yeah i would stick with something for about 4 weeks to see if your losing about 1lb to 1.5 a week.

what do you think of filet mignon?

Tyler - I think it's amazing lol.  It's my favorite cut of beef.  If your trying to lean down though I would limit it to once a week.

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