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Have you ever tried or heard of Rivalus Enpulse? IT
5 January 2012

Tyler - Nope never heard of it??

Tyler, where do you get your black head band that you sometimes wear when you workout? thanks man
4 January 2012

Tyler - It's actually just a sleeve from a cut off tshirt works great though to keep you from sweating out headphones

Hey Tyler! Big fan! Your progress is very inspiring!! I am starting to lift heavy again and was wondering if I should give chest and back there own days instead of doing for example chest and tri's or back and bi's? Just trying to take the right step in smart training! Thanks!
3 January 2012

Tyler - thanks mike.  you can do either.  first option just do chest on one day, back on one day, then arms have their own day.  or like you said chest/tri, back/bi.. i've done it both ways.  If arms is a weak point and your trying to bring them up i suggest hitting chest and a couple of tri then on another day do back and a little bi and later in the weak give arms their own day.

Do you take creatine? Cause I remember reading that creatine stores water.
2 January 2012

Tyler - I do..it's in Cell K.E.M. creatine is a great supplement.

john peter
i am starting creatine last 2 months i am taking huge amount of water 4lt daily...some peoples told me that when u stop the creatine then your body will become loss your strength and mass ...if i will contiune my gym then what will its effect on my body after stop the creatine
31 December 2011

Tyler - not sure what your trying to ask? sorry

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