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4 more weeks!

photo80 300x300 4 more weeks!


After just speaking with Hany I wanted to do a quick update on here.  Everything is coming together as planned and I'll still be filling out for another 4 weeks!  There are a couple of changes to both nutrition and weight training.  Strength is still climbing and I'm loving it.  The Evogen stack is still giving me the most extreme pumps I've ever experienced!  When I had first contacted him my starting with was 215.  I just weighed myself when I was on the phone with him and was 225.5.  A couple of other things we discussed were doing some videos of my workouts for my youtube channel so I'll keep you guys updated when that will be happening.  Anyone that has been following my site now it's almost been a full year that it has been up and running and want to thank everyone for the support and following my evolution.  Keep training hard and keep the questions coming in my shout box!

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