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Questions – 10/12/2012

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Tyler, what fat burner are you using?
11 October 2012

Tyler - I don't endorse any products.  I would use one with a good amount of caffiene and yohimbine.  On my members blog I have my full supplement,diet, workouts mapped out

Hey Ty- what pre-workout supplement do you use?
9 October 2012

Tyler - all of my supplements,diets,workouts are mapped out in my members section blog

Hey Tyler, I just bought the phase 2 and am so anxious to start it next week. Phase 1 helped me a lot in my cutting phase, hopefully this will too. I just have a few questions on ab exercises. Should I do them on off days or slot them into one of the workout days? Also, my gym doesn't have the wide-d bar hammer grip, is there any substitute for this? Also, about reverse pec dec, 1 gym I go to has it and another doesn't(I jump gyms)When I go to the one with the pec dec there is no rope. They don't have the handle pec dec but the padded one.
6 October 2012

Tyler - I would just throw a few sets of abs in after your workouts 2-3 times a week.  As for the dbar grip you can just just a wide grip standard bar.  Instead of rope you can use a straight bar. just make sure to keep you elbows high.

Do you find it easier to hook up with girls now that you are tip top shape?
5 October 2012

Tyler - LOL

Would you suggest TMT Phase two if im following a low carb fat loss eating plan?
4 October 2012

Tyler - You can do that or you can either just follow phase 3 workouts in my members section blog. as those are the workouts that i'm doing now and cutting

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