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Questions – 10/16/2011

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10/15/2011 - Nashville

Tyler- I just started weighing out my food i wanted to see what my actual portions were. Do you recommend i weigh my food before i cook it? or after? i usually cook my chicken breasts in bulk so weighing it after would be easier. If you had any input on this matter perhaps what you might use i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot, -Kris
16 October 2011

Tyler - That is great that your going to start measuring your foods out.  I measure everything cooked.  Just remember that a cooked weight is about 2oz less than raw weight.  The nutrition facts you see is for raw weight on meats so keep that in mind so you will meet your protein requirements still.

I have been taking Jack3d pretty much every workout for the past 5 months. Its effects have definitely dimished, but I still notice a difference to the odd days where I don't use stims. I want to keep using stims because they give me an extra edge (I guess that's what caffeine does!!), but I was wondering if you think I would get the same feeling I got on my first dose of jack3d if I switched to another stim like super pump or 1MR? I know your somewhat against stims but I still wanted to ask thanks
14 October 2011

Tyler - The reason the effects of the stims have gone away is because you have been taking them way too long.  Your adrenal glands are not working properly now.  Do not switch to another stim right now. You need to take a minimum of 4 weeks off of any type of caffeine and give your body a break.  Your going to feel lethargic and edgy for the first week or so but it'll be worth it because once you start taking a pre workout again you'll feel like it's the first time you've ever taken a stim.

Daniel Ruiz
Hey Tyler, how did you make your way into the modeling industry? any tips on making a good portfolio. I'm thinking of doing that besides being a personal fitness trainer. . . And your really inspiring man. It's amazing, makes me want to keep moving forward even more.
13 October 2011

Tyler - It depends on which part of the industry your wanting to get into.  If it's the fashion side of things I suggest taking some basic digital pictures and sending them to all of the top agencies in NYC.  If  fitness is what your wanting to do then look into competing at a show.  I did Universe Weekend in Miami and a manager from NYC was there that approached me.   NPC Physique division along with WBFF are also great ways to draw attention and spark up some interest within the industry.

Dan S.
Hey Tyler, I've been meaning to put this post up for quite some time. I remember a few months ago you purchased some big back grips and I can't recall if you did a review on them. I purchased a pair a few weeks ago and I enjoy them. However there are a few exercises that I'm still not sold on using them. What's your view on these grips? Do you still use them? Which exercises do you like them for and which do you prefer without them? Thanks!
12 October 2011

Tyler - I don't use them anymore.  That lasted about 2 weeks for me lol.  I think they are good for any type of pressing movements for the extra padding on your hands but as far as pulling for the back exercises I'll always just stick with the traditional straps.

Ty, if I want to put on size in with certain muscle groups, say back, but I want to cut up and tone a certain muscle, say arms... Would I do straight heavy sets for my back and moderate weight supersets/Trisets for my arms?
12 October 2011

Tyler -  You can give it a try and see if it works for your body.  I've tried techniques like this in the past and it yielded results.  Just keep in mine diet and cardio is what is going to "cut up and tone".

Hi Tyler Im jealous of the new gym it looks great!! I need some help with my nutrition in take im currently taking in for breakfast 6:40am 4 eggs,, meal 2 10am: Smoothie ( 1 scoop of whey protein, handful of strawberrys, blueberrys,rassberrys, half a banana) and a hand full of nuts,, meal 3 1pm: Grilled chicken breast + mixed salad ,, meal 4 4pm: Protein shake, handful of grapes, handful of nuts,,, meal 5 6:30pm: Protein shake + Creatine ,, meal 6: Protein shake + Creatine , Meal 7 9pm: 1-2Cod or salmon Fillets and baked potatoe and vegetables. I'm Wondering if this Diet plan is good for my college days since im in from 9am to 6pm most days and I travel far for college so im up at 6am every day I'm Quite tired throughout the day even though I go to bed early I was wondering if you got some recommendations for me!! Thanks and sorry about the previous post
10 October 2011

Tyler - I really don't know what to tell you since I don't know what your goals are. What your weight is.  What your current body fat is at and how your metabolism is.  If your seeing results with this then don't question yourself.  Do what works for you but you have to be patient and give it time as well.

Hey Tyler, I was wondering if you could help me understand "the cutting phase" a bit. I do the whole low carb intake for the day with a good amount of protein and low fat intake. The only time I really take in any carbs in during breakfast because I workout early in the morning, have my whey protein drink then about an hour later breakfast. Lunch consists of spinch with steamed broccoli and some tuna, sorta the same thing for dinner except I eat grilled chicken. this happens for me everyday of the week (I'm currently away from the states right now and food choices are limited, especially making anything), but on Sunday I guess you can say I treat myself to a good breakfast but throughout the day I maintain low carbs after that. Is that the way to go for carb cycling? If this helps I'm 6ft weighing in around 150 with I think 5%-6% body fat.
7 October 201

Tyler -  That is pretty much just low carb all the time.  If your 5-6% body fat then congrats to you! That is schredded! If you feel good then I would stick to what your doing.

Is EVP or Cell KEM a nitrous oxide supplement? Ive been taking Superpump for a while and was wondering if ill still be taking an N20 supp if i switched to the EVOGEN Stack.

Tyler - EVP has arginine in it so no you will not need to take any thing else besides the Evogen stack.  It has everything you need for Pumps,Recovery,Strength, and Mass gains.

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