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Questions – 10/18/2011

"Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in, has left you." ~George Zalucki~

hey tyler...i know this question is kind of vague. and it doesnt really seem to apply to you, because it seems you are not a "hard gainer"..but what are your recommendations for "hard gainers"?..in regards to gaining overall lean muscle mass? thanks
18 October 2011

Tyler - This applies to everyone not only just hardgainers.  Focus on nutrition.  You can't build any type of physique without the right materials.  For a hardgainer minimum of 1.5 grams of protein and maximum of 2g per body pound.  As for your carbs and fats that will be something you will have to experiment and find out what yields the best results for your body.  Weight training should be kept very simple.  Stick to the basics.  Heavy free weight work.  Keep your rep range always in the 8-12range.  Split your training up into training one muscle group per day and try to build strength weekly.  Make sure your not trying to use too much weight that you can't control it anymore and lose your form.  If your not contracting the muscle your trying to target your wasting your time.  Good luck and I hope this helps.  You have to be patient it takes time.  When I started weight training at 18 years old I weighed only 175lb.

hey tyler, you being 218 ish pounds and when looking at your diet plan, you dont take in much calories as i believe. how do you eat what you eat and still be able to keep all that mass you have? is it because its clean foods so you retain more of the nutrients?
18 October 2011

Tyler - I'm eating a lot more calories than I ever have on a nutrition plan right now.

Hey Tyler, if im working out 2 muscle groups such as bis and tris, does it matter in what order i work them? For example, 3 Sets BB curls, then i go over to bench and do 3 set skull crushers, then after im done those 3 sets i hit another bicep exercise. Is it counter productive, since im giving my bis and tris too much rest in between exercises? Im trying to put on mass. THanks,
18 October 2011

Tyler - No it's not counter productive at all.  Each week I change up my arm training as to supersets and then just all bi's first then tri's, then all tri's first then bi's.  I have done the style of workout that your trying out before and the only thing I noticed was I wasn't able to keep a nice full pump in either muscle group.  If you can keep a full pump doing it this way than keep at it!

ty, I'm trying to break into the world of fashion, but I have a problem, because since I work out (4 years) earn much muscle size, I weigh 198 lbs. with 182 cm. My body fat is 11%, but I feel I'm too wide to wear, especially for my height. you recommend? weights stop training?? sorry for my english, but i have a problem, because
18 October 2011

Tyler - If weight training is something that your passionate about and having lean muscle than the quitting weight training all together will be a huge mistake.  I've been down that road and it did nothing but screw with my head.  What I did to lose all of my muscle mass was just lots of cardio. 

Hello tyler ! Congratulations for the results we can adminre on your last pics !! wowww ! amazing evolution ! incredible new body ! do you have an idea of your body fat level on that pics ? thanks
17 October 2011

Tyler - thanks! i'm not positive what my body fat is at but I would guess around the 9-10%

Hey Tyler, im coming off a shoulder injury(broken collarbone) and havent been physically active in about 5 months. Before the inury i was working out 4 days a week.my question is; when i get back to the gym should i focus on shoulder exercises since i have no strength in my right side, or go back to a routine with really light weight?
16 October 2011

Tyler - go back to your old routine but go light and slowly build your strength back up.  make sure to properly warm up your shoulders with light db's before each upper body workout.

Tyler, I actually have 2 questions for you today. Firstly, is black coffee (with no cream, or added sugar) an inhibitor (as in slowing results) to lean muscle gain? Secondly, if I'm doing extensive workouts every other day but am not sore on the next day does that mean I'm doing something wrong and therefore not going to make gains? Thanks for your site and inspiration Tyler!
16 October 2011

Tyler - Black coffee will not slow your gain.  I have one cup a day.  If your not getting sore at all that could mean that your recovery time is very fast which is a good thing and you should train more often instead of every other day.  Or your not using enough weight and contracting hard enough.

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