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Questions – 10/23/2011

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Rick Day - NYC 2008

Tyler, I currently have in my possession the evogen stack. I also just recvd a gift card For a supplements store. I know nothing additional is really required, but what do you suggest i use it for, other then a multi, omegas or whey? I was thinking extend? Glutamine? or BCAA?
21 October 2011

Tyler - I would get a high quality Whey.

Whats up with the nutrition and workout logs?
21 October 2011

Tyler - You can click on workouts and nutrition log in the categories.  I no longer post that information since I'm working with a trainer now.

Hey Tyler, I'm wondering if when someone is on vacation should they eat as good as then can (while eating every 3-4 hours) or should they restrict their eating due to the lessened accessibility of healthy foods that attain to their diet. (this isn't theoretical..I'm actually in the situation) I apologize for what is probably a stupid question but I just wanted to get your take on it. As always, thanks so much Tyler
21 October 2011

Tyler - That is going to be totally up to you.  Last summer my girlfriend and I went to Jamaica and I only ate 2-3 times a day but it was as much as I wanted mostly meats and veggies and fruit and tried to keep junk at the minimal but did indulge.  We were there for a week and you have to remember it's your vacation you shouldn't stress about diet plans etc.  Relax have a good time and enjoy life.   That being said though you don't want to just eat as much crap as you can because you will gain fat that way.  I was still active and worked out 4 out of the 7 days.  Have a plan of attack when you get back and you'll be refreshed and ready to get back at it.

Hey Tyler, listen I wanted to tell you that I started taking the Evogen products, and they are freaking phenomenal. You just keep helping me in so many ways it's crazy. Thanks again for all you do! Good Luck to you with everything.
18 October 2011

Tyler - that's great Javier...they are superior products to anything I've ever used before.  Enjoy and keep up the hard work!

Simon R
Hi Tyler, Loving the site!! I've been working out at home for about 2 years, and I've been mixing it up and making strength gains in every lift. However, I've been working on my shoulders for all of this time and I'm stuck on my military press, and have been for about 9 months!!! I just can't seem to make gains on it without either losing form or struggling to do more than one set. I work out 2-3 times a week, and I always try to do 3 sets of military press during my workouts. Any ideas would be appreciated as it's driving me crazy!!!! Thanks, Simon.
18 October 2011

Tyler - I think the biggest issue here is that your doing the shoulder presses sometimes 3 times a week.  If you can only train 3 days a week I would still only hit the shoulder presses once a week.  Here is a suggested split I would have my clients on that can only make it to the gym 3 times a week

Day 1 - Chest/front and side delt/Triceps

Day 2 - Legs/Abs

Day 3 - Back/rear delt/Bicep

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