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Questions – 10/25/2011

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Winter 2007 NYC - Rick Day

Tyler, I am trying to work on my upper chest and I am struggling to find the right angle when I do incline bench press. What do you use/suggest? I have read that too steep of an angle works your shoulders, however not steep enough fails to hit the upper pec. Looking forward to some advice, thanks!
26 October 2011

Tyler - On the benches that are marked by numbers I do my presses and flies on a number 4 (about a 45 degree angle).  You definitely don't want to go to high because you will have the tendency to use all shoulders to do the movement.  Week to week try different levels to find what works best for you.

Hey Tyler- Im currently trying to add on lean muscle to my frame as well as lose a few lbs of body fat. I know this is a difficult task, i don’t believe in the famous bulk & cut routines i believe it just makes it harder to lose wait once you bulk up. Im currently taking in around 16 cals per body weight at 170 lbs 5’10 (2,720) cals following a 45/35/20 ratio for carbs/protein/fat. Do you think this is a good approach for adding on some lean mass. Im currently doing morning cardio 3 times a week which has helped me lean up a bit as well as weighing my foods now as i mention earlier to you. If you had any feedback based on your personal experiences i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot, -Kris
25 October 2011

Tyler - looks like a good ratio to me as long as it's all clean food choices and your using correct nutrient timing.  If your trying to lose body fat still I would add another 2 days of the morning cardio and see how that goes for the next couple of weeks. If you find that your still not losing any fat then you will want to look at your nutrition and make adjustments.

Tyler- What are some of your favorite fitness websites? Im looking mostly for nutrition articles. Thanks
25 October 2011

Tyler - bodybuilding.com,simplyshredded.com,musculardevelopment.com,flexonline.com,rxmuscle.com

Still checking in on the site updates, it's awesome! Quick question: what advice would you give to someone trying to gain lean mass, but is having a difficult time getting all their meals in. So much food! How do you eat enough when you're not hungry? Any tips? Maybe put up a new nutrition vid sometime man. Thanks!
25 October 2011

Tyler - I only had this problem the first year of working out.  Now I'm like clockwork I get hungry every 2 hours.  It takes time for your body to adjust to the increase in food.  Here are a couple of suggestions.  Try doing 3 whole food meals and 3 shakes.  Have a whole food meal then your next meal will be a shake. Alternate back in forth all day.  Another suggestion would be to just slowly increase your meal sizes.  Start off very small portions until your body is getting hungry every couple of hours.  Good luck but remember you have to have those nutrients in order to build lean mass.

i just want to say you are amazziinnggggg!!!!
24 October 2011

Tyler - thank you krystle!

Hello Ty ! thanks for this amazing site and the kindness of your answers ! Some of BB and fitness models in your age presenting their diet and workout on forums say they use DHEA regularly ! what do you think about ? Ddo you think it's a good stuff to use ? thanks again
24 October 2011

Tyler - I tried it once this year and didn't notice much of anything from it. The best supplements by far that I've used and still currently using is the Evogen Stack.  EVP,Cell K.E.M. and Glycoject

Hello Ty ! in your last article you talk about a goal to reach and the right plan to get it. What is your new goal at the end of the 4 monthes Hani’s training session ? new modeling or pictures campaign ? just to feel better on you training activity ? new methods to apply to yours clients ? thanks for everything and remain the Best !!
24 October 2011

Tyler - I will be doing some shoots most likely in December. I am using new methods with my in person and online clients.  Hiring Hany has been the best decision I've made in trying to get my physique to where I've always envisioned it.

personally tyler i like your physique from your modeling days in 2008 more so than the bodybuilding look your striving for now .. you look great now to, but i was just wondering what you did differently back then to attain that more lean model look?
24 October 2011

Tyler - Really the biggest difference is the amount of food.  I'm eating a lot more now than I was back then.  I still trained like a bodybuilder though.  Always have except the one year I took off and was trying to do the fashion modeling thing.

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