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Rick Day - NYC 2008

Also what do you think about fasting and taking BCAA's?
29 October 2011

Tyler - I've tried lean gains and it wasn't for me.  I'm not fan of the under eating and over eating concept.  I've found that more of a balanced approach works best for me.  When I did lean gains I lost A LOT of my muscle size.  I take BCAA's every day.  They are in a supplement I take called Cell K.E.M. by Evogen Nutrition.  I believe amino's are crucial if you want to add lean muscle mass.

Tyler, what is your favorite music playlist to hit the gym hard ? thanks
28 October 2011

Tyler - It really depends on my mood.  Today it was all hard rock/metal.  I listen to anything from Disturbed,Five Finger Death Punch,Seether,Hate Breed,Stemm,Black Lablel Society just to name a few.  When I do my cardio I listen to mostly techno/trance/house my favorites are Benny Benassi,David Guetta,Afrojack..I'll listen to their whole mixes that they put out on the net.  When I'm in a hiphop mood I listen a lot of different stuff..rick ross,wale,drake,lil wayne,waka flacka,wooh da kid,gucci mane,wiz khalifa,ti,tupac,biggy,jay z, and the list could just keep going on as hiphop is my favorite music to listen to.  I'll post a mix so everyone can download soon.

Tyler, just wanted to say thank you so much for posting your old workouts! I always struggle with making my own and actually feeling it the next day. Just wanted to say thanks so much!
28 October 2011

Tyler - Your welcome..I'll be posting several more up so be on the look out for them and keep up the hard work!

ty, I train my muscles one per day, except arms that i train together biceps and triceps. can i put one more day for train biceps and triceps but only with fst7 technique???
28 October 2011

Tyler - Keep everything the same just add the fst-7 at the end of your bicep and tricep workout.

1. If you were stuck and couldn't workout for a bit.. Good to still stick to a good nutrition? Maybe do some things around the house for a pump? 2. Maybe it's just me. I just turned 30 this year and I have all these aches and pains. Thinking it's from working out. Possibly not getting enough sleep.. Ever experience Minor aches and pain from working out? For me, especially my elbow. It's always cracking I think from triceps extensions. Thanks bud!
28 October 2011

Tyler - I don't understand what you mean that if I was stuck?? Regardless I would always eat a clean healthy nutrition plan.  Eat like shit look like shit.  If your not able to get to the gym then yeah I would just do things around the house to get a workout in.  I have minor aches and pains almost on the daily.  It comes with the territory.  You have to be smart and know your body enough when it's something serious or just and ache.  You answered your own question as for the cracking when you do the extensions.  Just don't do extensions.  Learn to work around pains there is always many exercises to choose from.
I want to get cut so I know I need to restrict my calories. What do you think about alternating days between only food and only whey protein? Some people advocate an all whey diet or all protein shake/smoothie diet when cutting.
28 October 2011

Tyler - Stick with whole food all the time.  There is absolutely no sense in just drinking all of your cals.

Tyler have you got any modeling tips? I would like to become a model but I don't know where to start
27 October 2011

Tyler - Depends if your trying to go for fitness of fashion.  If fashion you can take basic digitals and send them to the major agencies and if they are interested they will let you know.  Go to any of the agencies blogs and see the type of digital you'll need to submit.  If fitness is what your goal is you can do what I did and compete in a show and network or sudmit photos to Silver Model Management as they are the only real fitness agency.

Marcus Mitchell
Hey tyler I would love to get into the fitness modeling industry any words of advice.
27 October 2011

Tyler - You can compete in a show and network or sudmit photos to Silver Model Management as they are the only real fitness agency.  Be in your top shape and go to events like the Arnold Classic or Olympia Expo's and network network and more network.

Hey tyler, So im seeking advice on some bicep excercises that focus on the bottom of the bicep cloer to the inside of the elbow. I'de like to increase the length of my bicep down my arm, but theres a huge gap between where it ends and my elbow when flexing at a 90* angle. Appreciate all you do, keep doing work, Train INSANE or remain the same, < make that into a shirt!
27 October 2011

Tyler - It could be that genetically that will be how your bicep will look.  Make sure your getting a full stretch at the bottom just short of locking your elbows out as you don't want to add the pressure on the elbow joint.  I do need to make that a shirt..I love that saying!

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