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Questions – 10/3/2012

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hey tyler have u ever heard of the brand muscle warfare and if u have what do u think of it , is it for real or just bs thanks
1 October 2012

Tyler - Never tried them out

daniel g
hey tyler do u know the ab exercise called rockys that rocky does in the movies if you do then can u put a step by step video of how to do them thanks
30 September 2012

Tyler - I don't do those.  If your talking about the ones hanging upside down. I think they are not necessary and dangerous

Hi Tyler, from your TMT phase 2 videos it seems your workouts are aimed more at bulking and not cutting. However do you think I can use it for my cutting phase since I am about to end phase 1?
30 September 2012

Tyler - how long are you cutting for? you can use phase 2 for continuing to cut.  "cutting" or "gaining" really has to do with your nutrition

Tyler, I am 170cm and 93.5kg I've been doing cardio 6 times a week and been controling my diet at a calorie deficit of 20% of my TDEE. However, my weight isn't going down. Should I up my cardio?
30 September 2012

Tyler - Sounds like you need to focus more on your diet rather than upping your cardio.. not unless your only doing 20-30 minutes right now. if that's the case I would bump it up to 45 minutes

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