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Questions – 10/6/2011

Tyler McPeak photoshoot by Pat Lee 01 300x200 Questions 10/6/2011

Pat Lee - shot in Columbus,OH at the Arnold Classic weekend 2008

Tyler, how did you injure your shoulder a long time ago? Recently i was heavy bench press and was getting a spot by two guys, one on each side. The on guy on the right gave me too much slack when the bar was coming down and as a result, i feel like i did something to my front delt. The pain doesnt feel so much liek a pinching but rather someone is pushing down with a 1" diameter rod. This pain is right where my trap, front delt and collar bone tie in. I only feel the pain when i do any type of frontal lateral movements. DB presses feel fine. Any ideas what i did and what i should be doing/avoiding to help? thanks in advance!
6 October 2011

Tyler - I injured my shoulder by trying to lift to heavy all the time. 1 rep maxing almost everytime I was doing squats, deadlifts and flat bench.  My injury was a strain of the rear roator cuff.  I had to get a cortizone shot and luckily that took care of it along with lifting smarter.  However I do remember one time I was doing overhead military presses and I heard and felt something pop right near my collar bone which sounds similar to your pain.  I had to take about a week off from the gym and made sure to ice it every night for a couple of hours. 20 minutes on 20 minutes off.  I took advil as well to help with the inflamation.  My suggestion is take a week off from the gym until you fully recover.  If your not fully recovered go see a doctor about it.  Don't get in the mind set that if you take a week off it's going to screw up your progress because it's better to heal and recover now rather than pushing through it and injuring it even worse which could potentially put you out even longer.  Hope you get better soon!

Hey bud! Man I was doing upright rows the other day and totally felt a sharp stabbing pain up my back. Been sore for a week, hardly able to move. Ever encounter this before?
6 October 2011

Tyler - I have had my fare share of back injuries.  Most of mine came from deadlifts when I used to go heavy all the time.  My suggestion is the same above take time off until it heals.  I would always use a heat pad on my back when it would get injured like this.  If it doesn't get any better go to a doctor and get it checked out.  Hope you get better soon!

Ty, I'm just coming off a "cutting cycle" in which I've been supersetting and dropsetting alot. If I want to put on mass, should I be doing straight sets without these techniques?
6 October 2011

Tyler - Yes if your trying to add mass just stick with straight sets. Workout to workout you need to be pushing yourself to get stronger without sacrificing form. Getting stronger each workout doesn't necessarily mean more weight. It can be more weight but it also can be the same weight but you get more reps than the previous week.

Hey Tyler, how come you only take 1 scoop of glycoject? Thats around 25g carbs i believe... wouldnt you want more then that since you 200+? Do you eay a pwo meal consisting of high carbs instead?
6 October 2011

Tyler - I do 1/2 scoop pre workout and 1 scoop post workout

Do you think its okay to do Barbell Squats and Deadlifts in the same day? Im trying to put on mass and putting a workout schedule together, but i have a difficult time doing deadlift on back days cuz my lower back is trashed by time i get to barbell rows.
6 October 2011

Tyler - Not at all.  You need to seperate the two.  Depending on what your weaker muscle group is (legs or back) will determine where you should be training that during the week.  Also try doing the deadlifts as the last exercise of your back workout so you won't have to worry about having a fatigued lower back through out your workout.  You won't be able to use as much weight but that does not matter.

Tyler, I have been consitantly lifting now for about 2 years and I have always hated legs and avoided them at all costs. I have now noticed that I am no longer seeing the results I am seeking despite a decent diet and good training program. I want to start hitting legs hard and consitantly to jump start growth in the rest of my body, and I was hoping to hit legs twice a week. Is there a 5 or 6 day per week split that you would suggest in order to hit legs twice in one week and still give them optimal recovery time?
5 October 2011

Tyler - If you train them right you will only need to hit them once a week.  Hard and heavy.  I would train them as your first workout of the week to get them over with since you don't like to train them.  If you insist on training them twice a week what I would suggest is split it up into quads at the beggining of the week and hamstrings 3-4 days later.

Ty, i'm looking for lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. What dou you think about my supplements stack: multivitamin, whey protein, pre workout, glutamine, creatine, bcaa, fish oil. ???
5 October 2011

Tyler - Looks like you've done your homework to me.  Make sure to get good quality though and avoid the cheaper route because you do get what you pay for.  I suggest looking into getting the evogen stack that I'm currently taking.  That will be everything you need except the whey and fish oil.  Check it out at evogennutrition.com and you can purchase it at bodybuilding.com for cheaper prices.  These are by far the most superior supplements I've taken that gives me ridiculous pumps and the best recovery time.


Hello Tyler ! what is the rate proteine/carbo/fat you use now in your new diet plan with the second phase of Hani’s program ?? in your old diet it seems to be a 6/3/1 rate ? did you change for a new one ?? thanks for help and to be day after day for and with your fans !
5 October 2011

Tyler - I've never payed attention to my ratios and most likely never will.  I just follow the plan and don't have to think about anything.

even if i just use the whey with water. i am worried i will take in too many calories if i start having tons of chicken ins tead of whey thanks
5 October 2011

Tyler - Your going to be better off with getting the majority of your protein from whole foods.  When you do have your shakes you should always mix it with water though.

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