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Questions – 11/11/11

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Dec 2007 - Rick Day NYC

non-fitness related question, what is your Xbox Live gamer tag? I recently forced myself to buy MW3 due to the fact that I cant sit still long enough to relax and I needed some rest in my life. First video game I bought in two years and first time I sat down for longer than an hour in about the same amount of time outside of sleeping.
10 November 2011

Tyler - I have a ps3 and my screen name is tydavin615

Hey Tyler i hurt my IT band playing tennis and unfortunately I have not been able to squat or do any leg machine except single leg press/extensions/curls for my right leg. I have noticed that my right leg is becoming much larger than my injured left one, which would be expected. thoughts on whether or not I should keep training my right leg or just leave them be to prevent them from becoming asymmetrical. thoughts?
10 November 2011

Tyler - I've have to deal with leg injuries before, sprained my ankle twice, a couple of knee minor knee injuries. I completely just took time off from training legs all together until my injuries were healed and was able to train both legs.

Tyler, Was curious to your opinion to fruit and fructose, should it be consumed and when?
9 November 2011

Tyler - fruit is fine if you keep it to one piece a day. I would have it earlier in the day either with your first few meals or in between them.

Tyler, Thanks again for all your question and answers. Today's question comes as if you could tell us more about the benefits of pre and post workout nutriton. I have started doing an intense program and am trying to eat somewhat paleo.(I don't eat gluten and the only exception for stuff is supplements being whey and perhaps dexotrose if you reccomend it) Is an insulin spike necessary pwo? Should lean chicken and a sweet potato an hour before be a good preworkout? and then post work out I take whey but should i consume another sweet potato a slower gi carb? or should i take Dexotrose with my whey? I am currently about 175 pounds at 12 %bf I want to get around 10 if not under and get up to 185 by the spring. Lastly, how much 30 grams of whey and how much of the carbs you reccommend? Thanks

Tyler - Pre and Post workout nutrition is essential. lean chicken and a sweet potato is a perfect meal before your workout. I like to keep have my meal 30-45 minutes before hitting the gym but an hour is fine. If your goal is to gain muscle mass then I would have your dextrose mixed with whey as soon as you finished weights then 30 minutes after that shake have a whole food meal of lean chicken  and a slow carb source.


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