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Questions – 11/1/2011

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Hey Tyler, tks for the awesome site and ure time. I work out real early 1 hour after i wake up and keep getting stomach issues while im working out. today i was burping the whole workout. im scared to go empty stomach cus of risking using muscle as energy source so i do skim milk, a banana, and a protein shake before going in. What do u suggest in this situation? Should I buy a special energy supplement and just take that right away when i wake up, if so do u know any that u recommend? i am experimenting on my own but id appreciate ure feedback
1 November 2011

Tyler - You definitely don't want to weight train on an empty stomach.  There is a few different options you can try.  First I would cut out the skim milk. Try having oatmeal with a protein shake and banana or just oats and protein shake, you can also try some egg whites and grits both will digest very fast and easily.  Keep experimenting around and see what works best for you.  Having a energy drink beforehand isn't going to help solve the gas problem.

Hey Tyler, I have a quick question. I have a genetic heart problem and was told not to put to much pressure in terms of going heavy on my heart at the gym. My goal is to still put on mass and be lean yet big. I'm 6'0 and 175 pounds. What type of workouts without going extremely heavy can I consider?
1 November 2011

Tyler - I would consult with your physician on this.

what is your fat intake anyway?
1 November 2011

Tyler - I don't count my calories

Do you pay attention to how many calories your eating?
1 November 2011

Tyler - I don't know how many I'm having.  I just follow the plan that I was given.

Tyler, with many fitness models and bodybuilders opting to go low-carb to prep for a contest/shoot, is this diet advisable for year-round training and dieting? So my question would be can one take 200-300g of carbohydrate a day and still be lean or is it a must to go low-carb to stay lean and ripped? thanks.
31 October 2011

Tyler - I don't advise following a very low carb diet year round.  I think it's important to cycle. I'm not sure if 200-300g will work for you because I don't know anything about you. You didn't post your weight,current body fat etc.

Hey Tyler, thanks for the great answer on the music playlist. Exactly what i was looking for and the posting the mix of ur favorite would be great !
31 October 2011

Tyler - Your welcome.  I posted a mix of a few songs today..hope you enjoy.

Tyler, I hope you know that you and your advice are not just inspirational, iit's making a difference in people's lives. As far as your recent muscle gains, keep it up. While I will admit that you obtained what I regard as my ulltimate workout goal last year, you still have that health attitude and keeps me going to the gym.
31 October 2011

Tyler - thanks a lot! I love reading things like this!

Simon R
Hi Tyler, thanks for the advice, I've started the split this week, but lower weights for the military press. I'm still trying to lose body fat, so I'm doing 40 minutes of cardio every day. will this mean I'll start to lose muscle mass? I think your progress over this last month has been amazing! I think I'm going to try the Evogen stack when my routine is sorted. Many thanks, Simon.
30 October 2011

Tyler - Maybe just start off with 30 minutes of cardio first and see how your body responds after about 3-4 weeks of it.  If you find it's not dropping at all then up it.  You want to be patient with it.  It takes time to burn fat while holding onto your muscle mass.

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