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Questions – 1/11/2012

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hey Tyler I'm having a week off from gym for recovery reasons, do you keep the same diet or say cut out your carbs and just stick with lean meats and veg for the week?
11 January 2012

Tyler - Keep your diet the same and enjoy your rest.

Been reading more about leangains and was wondering why you stopped if you were getting good results? It's impressive the results people are getting off the program. Not sure how to go on the program since the details are not there completely, would you be able to explain the workout and meal plan for leangains? Did you have Martin train you?
11 January 2012

Tyler - First off anyone that knows me knows that I like to eat lol.  So that's one of several reasons I didn't like lean gains.  Waking up everyday and having to fast until 12-1pm was not fun.  It thinned me out and I felt very flat and depleted.  Of coarse I don't know if I was even doing it right because I just followed the basic guidelines from the site as well.  I did not have martin train me.  I kept my weight training at the time pretty much the same as I have them all posted on my workout log when I was doing lean gains.  Just go back to around those dates..it was during this past summer.

are you going to compete in bodybuilding or powerlifting competitions soon?
11 January 2012

Tyler - Nope...competing really isn't my cup of tea.  I competed in 2007 and 2008 to get my foot into the fitness world then competed this past year at the bodybuilding.com fit expo and after that show I realized how much I didn't like it and don't feel comfortable on stage at all.  The reason I do what I do is to give back and be an inspiration.

Tyler, been workin out for a year and made huge strives with your stuff...been off the supps for a while now because of $$$ but its a new year. Was kind of nice though to to cleanse my body of all that for a bit, but I want to get back on it. Anything i should look into getting? other than the obvious, protein, creatine, mutlivatamin. tribulus and preworkout? I know theres the glutamine and bccaa’s wich all usually are in the protein. Im 6'2 weigh 193 now would like to b 210-215 at the end of the semester. We have very similar bodytypes ( cept my chest is no wear near yours haha). My limitations were because of food intake. I just wasnt eating enough so i hit cosco and bought rediculous amounts of chicken, talapia as well as other goodies. Maybe a pro horomone? Test booster? I know you kind of frown upon those things and are more of the slow and steady wins the race type a guy haha but I want to make the gains faster and think I platuea’d a bit. That could probably just be that I wasn’t getting enough food in my system ( calories, grms protein per lb ect.) I might try the glycojet stuff your buddy came out with I just feel like your reviews on that might be a little bias 0.o…Thanks again as always! Hard work is easy work
10 January 2012

Tyler - Whats up man! congrats on all your hard work and gains thus far! As far as pro hormones go I would stay away from them and focus on nutrition and your weight training program.  Since your trying to put on mass I would stay way from fish in your diet right now too.  Besides the proteins you need to have adequate amounts of the right fats and carbohyrdates.  As for supplements you know I'm a firm believer in the Evogen Stack (EVP,Cell Kem,Glycoject) but since you said your finances are an issue you can stick with some of the basics. Quality Whey protein, Creatine Mono,Multi Vitamin,pre workout (if you can afford) and for your liquid carbohydrate for pre intra and post try some gatorade powder.  If I was in your position go and buy the new Muscular Development issue that is out right now and do the "Get Jacked for 2012" 8 week program.  It has everything you need mapped out.  Of coarse you will have to tone the diet down a bit with measurements but it's a very solid program.  Good luck and keep me up to date how your progress is coming along.

Is doing 20-22 sets per body part considered overkill (Bis and Tris count as one bodypart)? This is for putting on mass.
10 January 2012

Tyler - that would def be overkill.  I typically do 12-16 sets per muscle group.  Biceps and triceps I consider seperate muscle groups.

Tyler good to hear on your progress!! Cant wait to see progress pics. What whey Protein do you recommend and, Meal replacement Shake, and Night time Casein protein?? what are your thoughts on which brands are quality absorbable products?? Many Thanks!
9 January 2012

Tyler -  Thanks! I'll have some new pics up very soon and new videos! Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey is the top of the line protein but it's a bit pricey.  Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is a step down but still great quality..that is what I currently use.  As for meal replacement shakes try to stay away from them and if possible use whole food instead but if you have too then i'm sure optimum nutrition has one.  At night time a Casein shake would be fine as well but I prefer to eat a whole food meal.

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