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Questions – 11/15/2011


Hey Tyler, quick question for you. I've currently been on a bulk type cycle and just came off of a cut. I've been on it for about 2 months. I typically do low intensity cardio pwo to stay lean. Recently I've been eating alot of junk for the last week cuz of birthdays and what have you. My question is, how do you suggest I make up for it? Do a minicut? Increase cardio? Low carb for a few days? I feel like any fat I put on during a bulk will not come off unless I start cutting again.
16 November 2011

Tyler - I'm not sure if your saying you've been on a bulk for 2 months or a cut for 2 months.  I wouldn't jump the gun and start making major changes to your program because you don't want to take the chance of losing hard earned muscle.  Don't panic just cut the junk out clean up your diet and any fat or water you gained will come off slowly.

do you eat the yolks in eggs or do you think there is too much fat in them for six packs abs?
16 November 2011

Tyler - Adding 1-2 yolks to your egg whites will not be a problem.  They are filled with tons of vitamins and minerals.

hey tyler...what supplements are u currently taking at this time? and are u getting the best results so far?
16 November 2011

Tyler - Evogen Stack... www.evogennutrition.com by far the best supplements I've taken.

How many weeks are you going to be cutting?
15 November 2011

Tyler - 6-8 weeks really depends how my condition is and when my shoots will be.

Hey Tyler, what was your diet like for the Mr. Universe weekend in your bio?
14 November 2011

Tyler - It was universe weekend by muscle mania.  in 2007 i had no clue what i was doing and was over eating on everything. lots of chicken,beef,rice,sweet potato never cycled or did low carbs.  In 2008 my girlfriend at the time Michele Levesque did my diet for me and it was low carb to no carb then the last few days i carbed up on oats,sweet potato.

Hey Tyler when you do shoulder press with dumbells or barbell, have you ever had a problem with your shoulders making like a "cracking" or "poping" sound while doing reps. Thanks
13 November 2011

Tyler - No I've never experienced that.  I suggest you stop doing that because it could lead to injury.

Do u think it is. A cheat to have eggs Benedict wit h Salmom And whole wheat waffles with honey
12 November 2011

Tyler - Yes...anything that is not on my daily plan is considered a cheat for me.

This might be psychological and a bit off topic, but have u noticed that when you look at your abs by looking downward they don't look ripped, but in the mirror they do? maybe it is just in my head
12 November 2011

Tyler - It's definitely all in your head. Take pictures of yourself to assess your progress and don't rely on just looking down at yourself or looking in the mirror.

i've read in some of your articles that you've been fighting an eating disorder for some time so i want to hear your opinion about my case: i've been a bodybuilding fanatic these last 2 years , i'm 18 now and and i have to say that i achieved a pretty good physique that i'm very happy with.But this last month i've discovered something that changed my entire perspective about bodybuilding and that is steroids.Before i use to think that all people that inspires me from sylvester stallone to phil heath were all natural and their physiques are very achieveble but i've seen documentaries such bigger faster stronger that clarified my thoughts and really discouraged me about what level i can attain while staying natural . All that stuff just sucked the motivation out of my mind and made me rethink about what i've been through the last 2 years from spending countless hours of reading articles from here and there, sticking to my nutrition plan without cheating , and going trough rigourous training regimen that made others around me tell me that i'm addicted... Then here comes my problem , this last month i 've develloped a very complicated eating disorder called bullimia : in fact i'm no longer interested in training and now i will sit down and eat chocolate, ice cream,potato chips like i'm in an eating contest hwile enjoying my time and saying why was i depriving my self this long,then after eating large amount of food for hours i'll go to the toilet and just try to vomit hoping to limit the damage.This situtation just happened time and time over again which really made me so worried about my health .

Tyler - I'm very sorry to hear that you have developed an eating disorder.  Just because the people you looked up to for inspiration and motivation take steroids shouldn't stop you from trying to achieve your best possible physique.  Naturally you can build a great physique.  You should consult with your physician about your health and eating disorder and get that taken care of. Good Luck.

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