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Questions – 11/20/2011

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Hey Tyler, firstly i would like to let you know that you inspire me an awful lot.. and for that i would like to thank you! Tyler i was considering trying your diet presented on simplyshredded.com, but i would first like to know how it worked for you and whether you would recommend it or not. Thanks again for inspiring so many of us, and know that you have tons of fans down here in South Africa!
20 November 2011

Tyler - I had to go back and look at the diet because I had forgotten what I was doing back then.  That diet was what I typically did every day leading up to going to NYC the first weekend of DEC 2010 which in my opinion  was the best condition I've ever accomplished BUT I was flat and didn't have a full look.  I wouldn't follow something like that for myself.

hey tyler Im struggling with bulking, I feel like im going to gain a lot of fat if im over eating. I am eating clean though just a lot but Im wondering how you originally got in the mindset of bulking and losing abs or "cutness" mentality really. Hopefully Im not being confusing
19 November 2011

Tyler - Your not being confusing at all.  What you do have to realize if that your not going to make lean muscle gains being extremely lean and low water and sodium levels.  So that being said if your goal is to improve muscle mass you will have to "bulk" up a bit.  Don't get that mistaken for getting fat and not having abs what so ever.  This whole time I've always been able to still see my abs.

Tyler icon smile Questions 11/20/2011 you need some workout updates my chest is adapting to my chest workouts and i'm not feeling enough pain,
18 November 2011

Tyler - Try FST-7 technique.  If you have already been doing that try switching up the exercise your using the technique with a different one or try pre-loading (doing it at the start of your workout instead of end) Also try switching the order up on exercises that you do.

How much water do you drink every day?
17 November 2011

Tyler - 1.5 gallons

Let me clarify my last question. When you say you do the Evogen Stack, does that include all three products. From what I can tell from Bodybuilding.com the stack is just Cell Kem and EVP. if you are using all three in your "stack" would you mind sharing how you use them throughout your day. thanks man
16 November 2011

Tyler - I use all three products.  I have 1 scoop of Cell K.e.m. after my workout and before bed.  I have 2 scoops of EVP along with 1 scoop of glycoject pre workout and post workout I have 1 scoop of glycoject with the cell kem.

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