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Questions – 11/28/2011

First off Tyler would like to say that I am really appreciative of all the hard work you have put into this blog. I read it daily, looking for anything new that may be able to help me along my way. I have a questions regarding the Evogen supplement; it states not to take on a full stomach, how do you manage your post workout protein intake? I used to consume my protein right after a workout, as of late I have been waiting a half hour before doing so due to the directions on the package. Thank you for all that you do.
28 November 2011

Tyler - Your welcome Jeremy..and thank you...You've got it right just wait 30 minutes after taking the cell kem and glyco to have your protein.

varun juneja
w your profile at simplyshredded.com and must say it is awsome.I am after a similar build, but struggling. I was using the PHAT training fior around 8 weeks now and am looking to switch to a different method. Was thinking of switiching to the split on your profile.
28 November 2011

Tyler - thank you! good luck with that.  I used that split for about a year.

Hey Tyler, as always thanks for the inspiration and reaching out to the public. I have 2 questions. Firstly, do you recommend 5-6 smaller meals or 3 larger ones a day? And secondly I'm 18 years old, 152 lbs, and 5 foot 10 inches tall, I'm looking to make gains and am unsure whether or not to keep doing cardio, what would you recommend? Thanks Tyler!
28 November 2011

Tyler - 5-6 meals a day is what I recommend if your trying to build muscle.  I would give the cardio a break for a while and just focus on pounding the weights and eating plenty of quality food.

Alex B.
Question about your supplements from evogen, In your stack you are supposed to take Glycojet, which has 25g of carbs and also EVP. Are you not worried about an insulin spike before your workout? Because on an ad for EVP Hany is quoted saying that he created EVP with no carbs to prevent this(also no bad stims) whats going on?
27 November 2011

Tyler - I don't worry about it.  It's been working great for me so I'm not going to question it.

happy belated birthday
27 November 2011

Tyler - Thank you doug

hey tyler hope you are doing fine ... i am your big fan and really wanna make body like you ven i have put your picture on desktop at my phone so it can give me motivation whenever i see my phone ... Can you give some tome for winter season ? what to do or what not to do ?
26 November 2011

Tyler - not sure what your asking? what to do or not to do is based off what your goals are for yourself

hey! tyler, is thinking how-come you don't have you don't have a sponsorship yet. your fan base is crazy icon biggrin Questions 11/28/2011
22 November 2011

Tyler - hopefully one day icon smile Questions 11/28/2011

Tyler I was thinking of doing a cycle before my shoot what steroids would you recommend for bulking + cutting? Id like to put on 10-20lbs but mainly focus it on chest , laterals , Abs, Arms
22 November 2011

Tyler - I am in no position to recommend steroid cycles.  I think you should try to accomplish your goals naturally.  If you are dead set on doing a cycle my advice is speak with your doctor. research as much as possible and be smart about it.

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