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Questions – 11/5/2011

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Rick Day - 2009 NYC

If I am on a cut what is going to happen if I start substituting a lot of my meals with whey and BCAAs? I won't lose muscle like this right?
5 November 2011

Tyler - Most likely you will start to thin out.  whey and bcaa's should be used as a Supplement not as a whole replacement for several meals.  I suggest keeping your shakes to a maximum of 2 a day.  However if you have problems with having an appetite to eat enough whole food meal than 3 whole food meals with 3 shakes would be fine.  I'm not against shakes and If I had the choice of missing a meal or having a shake then of coarse I would have the shake but to build lean muscle whole food is superior.

Hey Tyler. I should have been more specific, this is Thomas who wrote with the heart problem in the last question box. I spoke with a physician and he asked me to consult and personal trainer for advice. My health is great and is nothing serious, he just meant he'd prefer I step outside the realm of 4-6 rep mass training. I got very big and he added that I put pressure on myself that way. He suggested reps anywhere 10-12. I've tried Tabatha training but have lost a ton of mass. I don't mind being lean if I can still look muscular. Any certain techniques I should try? Circuits, supersets? The goal is to have a nice pump and build! Thanks!
3 November 2011

Tyler - 8-12 rep range is the range to build muscle tissue.  1-6 reps is primarily for strength and power.  I would stick with a basic bodybuilding style routine training one muscle group a day and training them in the 8-12 range.  Circuits,supersets and other advanced techniques can be used but if your worried about losing muscle size I would stick with just doing straight sets.  Make sure you have proper nutrition to facilitate the pump.

Hey Tyler, whenever I hit a program such as FST7 I get an amazing pump, but never seem to be that sore a day or two later. However, whenever I adhere to a workout program similar to Dorian Yates (lower volume but heavy weights with maximum intensity) I feel that deep muscle soreness (the good kind) a few days after but never seem to get that pump during the actual workout so I was curious what your perspective was on pumps vs. soreness and which one to focus more of my time on. Thanks!
3 November 2011

Tyler - I've tried Dorian Yates style of training before and had the same problem as you.  Couldn't get a pump at all.  I also had trouble with feeling the muscle group I was trying to work because I was too focused on moving the weight rather than focusing on the contractions since it's balls to the wall for that one set.  I only tried the hit style training for a couple of weeks.  Volume training for me is what I found works best for my body.   It sounds to be that you might not be using enough weight when your doing volume training.  I still get sore after every workout.  FST-7 isn't using a light weight you still have to challenge yourself where your failing out by the end each set.

Tyler, I have been taking pre-work out supplements for longer than I can remeber. I currently work three jobs 7 days a week, sometimes 65 hours a week. I have been doing this for about a year and a half and I have finally lost all effects of the pre-work out stimulants. I decided to try to take 4 weeks off of all stims however today I am dragging bad. I was wondering how long this feeling will last, and if there is any adjustments I can make to my diet(which is pretty strict) in order to boost my energy levels.
2 November 2011

Tyler - Day by day it should get better for you with the caffeine withdraws.  It was tough for me as well.   You can still have one cup of black coffee which won't be taxing on your adrenals.  Your doing yourself a huge favor for taking a break from the supplements because once you start up again it will feel brand new to you.

tyler, trying to gain weight here and am eating plenty of good foods but near the end of the day it get me bloated and disgusting gas. you think i should take a digestive enzyme or ginger root or something? thanks
2 November 2011

Tyler - Yeah digestive enzymes help.  I have to take them myself.  I take MRM Digest-ALL

Hey Tyler, You are truly one of the most humble people I have ever known. And your physique is one of the best that I have seen. I wanted to thank you for being so open about your eating disorder. I am going through the same thing right now. I am really into bodybuilding and working out. It's part of my every day life, but I have that same unhealthy relationship with food that you had and it is killing my gains. I'm constantly stressed out and depressed. I just can't seem to get control over it, no matter how hard I try or how much I promise myself that I will. Your story really speaks to me though. Because even while you were struggling with your ED, your physical appearance and fitness was still good enough that it could fool others into thinking that you were fine. I work hard to beat this every day, and your journey is giving me the hope that one day I'll be over this as well. Thank you.
2 November 2011

Tyler - Sorry to hear that your going through a similar situation as I did.  My suggestion is to hire a trainer/coach that will be able to give you a detailed plan and you will be held accountable.  This will help out getting your over this food addiction. 

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