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Questions – 1/17/2012

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Hi Tyler, I am male, 1.91M Tall and i weigh 67Kg, and i just started with a program i found on bodybuilding.com. How long will it take for me to see noticeable improvement? i am quite skinny and i struggle to pick up weight, but i'm going to stick to one of the diets i found on a website. And another thing, How long does it take for a six pack to become visible? Thank you for your time!!!
17 January 2012

Tyler - only time will tell. since your just starting out as long as your sticking with a good nutrition plan that has enough food then you should see results quickly.  just make sure to not give up and keep consistent with the nutrition and training your ass off and before you know it you will start showing progress with your physique. good luck.

hey tyler, I'm currently 72kg (I'm australian hence the metric) and would like to get up to 85kg, just wondering if you could give me any tips on how to bulk fairly cleanly, i know there is going to be some fat gain! thanks for that tyler
17 January 2012

Tyler - anyone that is trying to bulk right now i advice you to purchase the new muscular development issue that has the "get jacked for 2012" program in it.  it has everything mapped out for you.  some quick tips is just make sure your eating enough quality nutrients and using all the extra cals to train even harder in the gym. bottom line is train your ass off and follow a sound nutrition plan.

Rest time? Morning / afternoon ? Tyler, Today I started Hany's workout that was published in the most recent issue of muscular development. I have a few questions that hopefully you can answer in regards to it. First being: How long of a break should you take between sets? My second question is: On some days it says do one muscle in the morning and a second in the afternoon. I do not have time to get to the gym twice a day, can I combine them all into one workout? My last question is: my gym does not have a v-bar to use for t-bar's or a t-bar row machine, what exercise can I substitute for this exercise. Thanks for all your help man, you are a huge influence.
17 January 2012

Tyler - Glad that your going to be giving the program a go...keep me updated on your progress. Rest periods in between sets should be 2 minutes for heavy sets and 1 minute on lighter sets.  For example something like squats,deads,leg press,heavy db presses rest 2 minutes or even up to 3 minutes if needed. something thats more of a shaper exercise rest 1 minute to a minute in a half.  If you can only get to the gym once then hit it all at once when your there. you can sub those to exercises with some sort of hammer row and barbell rows and db rows.  keep up the hard work and i hope this program gets you the results you want!

Hey, my questions is about warming up. If im going to bench 4 sets of 225 in the 8-10 rep range, how i warm up to my first set? 1 warm up of 8x135?
17 January 2012

Tyler - this depends on personal preference.  anytime i start off my chest workout first i'll take some 5lb dbs and do 15-20 reps of side laterals,front raises, over head press,rotator cuff exercise. then i'll do about 2-3 warm up sets for 10 reps increasing my weight each set. after that i'll get into my 3 work sets.

Tyler, did you still take Glyoject post workout during your cut process with Hani? Are you still taking all three Evogen products now? Glyco pre-workout?
17 January 2012

Tyler - yea my supplement regimen has not changed. 1 scoop glyco pre workout with 2 scoops evp and 2 scoops glyco with one scoop cell kem post.

john peter
when we complete our excersies then we can take a way protein mix in milk and 3 bananas mix ...what is your openion about this.... either it is good for us or not?
16 January 2012

Tyler - 3 bananas is a bit much in my opinion. look into getting a liquid carbohyrdate... glycoject,karbolyne

hey tyler.. are you ever going to post up your daily workout routines again at some point? also, can you recommend best supplements that you take right now? and lastly, what is your opinion of extend from scivation?
16 January 2012

Tyler - I've been posting my workouts randomly still. I'm about to post up todays back workout.  Xtend is a great product I used to use 2-3 scoops in my gallon jug and drink it all day.

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