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Questions – 11/9/2011

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Oct 2009 - NYC Paul Reitz

Is it okay if i have my protien powder with my glycoject pwo?
8 November 2011

Tyler - Yes if your not taking a BCAA mix

Heey Tyler, i've read the article of Hany Rambod about Pre Workouts. Currently i'm using Maximize V2 and Noxipro. I take it because because training is much more fun wit those preworkouts, feeling realy good and even a bit agressive, really like it. But now i've seen the article i'm starting to doubt a bit. Most of the time i use a pwo supplement 3 times a week and i take a 'rest-week' with the preworkout once in every 2 months. What do you think about it, do i really reduce my muscle gains by taking them? Thanks!

Tyler - I think everybody's body responds differently to different methods and supplementation.  I built my physique over the past 7 years and for about 4 of the years I took stim based pre workout supplements. Even before that I would always drink coffee etc.  That being said I've never seen my physique change this quickly since I've been taking the Evogen products but I've also never gave all aspects 110% (nutrition,training,supplementation).  Bottom line is if your getting results then there is no reason to question it.  If your curious to see if the products will really make a difference then give the stims a break for a bit and try it out.

Tyler, how long do you wait after your pre workout meal to take our glycoject and evogen? and then how long after that do you wait before you hit the gym?
7 November 2011

Tyler - I'll eat a meal then 15 minutes after I'll leave for the gym.  The gym is about 20 minutes away so a little less than halfway to the gym I'll drink my evp and glycoject.  It works about to about 15-20 minutes pre workout I have my supps.

Tyler, I was wondering what kind of volume i should be doing to put on mass? I've just come off a cut cycle where i did alot of supersets and drop sets to lean out. Now, if im doing straight sets to gain mass, how many sets per muscle group should i do? I train 5 days a week, muscle group per day, 12-15 sets per muscle group broken down into 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps. Thanks!
7 November 2011

Tyler - sounds perfect.  3 working sets for each muscle group should be enough but if you feel you need another one don't hesitate.

Hello Tyler, my calves have the same size than 1 year ago. What do you recommend me. Train them every day (3 sets) or twice a week (3 exercices, 3 sets each). I have a desk job.
7 November 2011

Tyler - Stick with 2 times a week 3 exercises 4 sets per exercise.  Also try FST-7 technique.

Hey Tyler, I've been doing the 4-day split intermediate workout that you posted a couple weeks ago and love it so thanks for that! I also have a question, I am now experiencing a problem... When I do curls of any sort I get this like pain in the bottom side of my forearm about halfway in between my elbow and wrist. Its to the point that I can't finish any of my sets when I'm doing something like Barbell curls. So I guess I'm just wondering if you've ever heard of something like this and if so what would help it? Thanks for everything Tyler!

Tyler - I had the same problem with wrist and forearm pain the first few years of lifting.  I think it could be that your forearm strength is lagging behind.  Try training forearms a couple of times a week and don't use straps for back training.  This should strengthen your forearms quickly and hopefully that will take care of your problem.

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