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Questions – 1/20/2013


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Hi Tyler, im currently on a bulk type cycle, eating enough excess calories to gain mass and i was just wondering what the best way to avoid or ger rid of bloat is? I know it may be typical to be bloated sometimes because of the large influx of calories, mainly carbs, but is there something i can to not atleast not have my stomach look like a baloon?
18 January 2013

Tyler - Your body doesn't need that large of an increase in calories in order to gain lean muscle tissue that will cause your stomach to be bloated.  You do need to be over your maintence calories but you are setting yourself up for a lot more work when it comes time to lean back down.  My only suggestion would be to lower you overall calorie intake to get rid of the bloat.

Tyler, hypothetically, in your opinion... what Leg routine would burn more calories: A routine where you did 4 exercises (BB squat etc) each exercises consisting of 3 sets of 12-15 reps OR a routine where you did the same number and type of exercises however each exercise only consisted of 3 sets of 5 (heavy). Essentially, what burns more calories, high reps or low reps, assuming that no other variables have changed?
17 January 2013

Tyler - I would say higher reps.  You still want to be doing enough weight where you are close to failing out at 12-15.  My heart rate always spikes up anytime I'm doing higher reps rather than 5 rep sets.  This is going to boil down to what you want from your physique though.  The 5 rep range is going to be more strength and power building while the higher reps are more for muscle growth and pump.

Tyler, i was wondering how to counteract the effects of too much protein for the kidneys. I weight 180 (16% bf) and take in about 200g protein a day while lifting weights 3-5x a week. Is there a supplement you know of? Do i even need it?
14 January 2013

Tyler - There is no supplement to take.  If your worried about protein being harsh on your kidneys then I suggest just lowering your protein intake.  200g a day at 180lb really isn't that much.  I wouldn't go any lower then 1g per body pound if your really trying to make progress with your physique.

Hey Ty, was wondering do you cycle creatine? If you do what is the most ideal cycle or how do you cycle it? Also, what other kind of supplements do I have to cycle? (sorry newbie here)
12 January 2013

Tyler - Don't be sorry everyone has to start somewhere.  If you are just getting started though I suggest not worrying about supplements right now and focus on making your nutrition 100 percent along with training at 100 percent.  If you are dead set on starting to use supplements now though you can stay on creatine for several months.  I'll take short 4-8 week breaks from it but other then that I'll stay on it most of the year.

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