Tyler McPeak

Questions – 12/23/2011

What’s your cardio like? How many times do you do it? Together with your workouts or separate?
23 December 2011

Tyler - walk on an incline on the treadmill first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 40 minutes.  I weight train later in the afternoon.

Tyler, BB Curls (straight bar) give me great pumps at the gym, and my strength increases every week almost. however recently, my forearms start to feel strained as i do the curls, possibly because the weight is getting too heavy, im not sure. Do you think this could be because my forearms are underdeveloped or not warmed up enough?
23 December 2011

Tyler - Try backing off the weight just a bit and focus on those biceps.  I train my forearms once a week. Maybe incorporate some forearm work in your program.

Just read your last post about will fluctuations... keep up the intensity, im sure the hard work will pay it all off!
23 December 2011

Tyler - Thanks man! Happy Holidays!

22 December 2011

Tyler - Creatine is safe and effective.  Make sure to drink plenty of water though.  RESEARCH before deciding on which creatine you choose.

Hi Tyler, I was wondering if you could tell me if theres anything you would change with my back workout. Im not sure if im over training or not. My Training goes something like this: Bodyweight Pull ups - 3x failure, BB Rows - 4x8-10, Hammer Strength High Row - 3x8-10, Cable Low Row - 3x8-10, Close Grip Pull downs - 3x8-10, T-Bar Rows - 3x6-10. I add drop 1 or 2 drop sets to half of those exercises and i've been training for 2 years now. Currently i am trying to put on mass. (Age 26, 170lbs, 5'9, workout split similar to yours). Thanks for any infomration you can provide me!
21 December 2011

Tyler - If your trying to add mass I would cut out the drop sets.  Next I would Pick only 4-5 of those exercises to do each workout.  Do those 4-5 exercises for 8-10 weeks before you switch the order up.  Try to progressively get stronger on those exercises each workout.  good luck

Hello Tyler ! thanks for pictures ! you're amazing now ! would you tell me what is your cardio training programm to loose so weight in so few time ?? thanks a lot !
19 December 2011

Tyler - I do cardio on an empty stomach as soon as I wake up.  I walk on a incline on a treadmill.  Right now I'm at 40 minutes.

How many servings of fruit have you been having recently? What are your thoughts on fruit and muscle building/losing fat?
14 December 2011

Tyler - I don't have any fruit.  My thoughts are if it works for you then do it.  Give it a try experiment.  I would keep it to a maximum of one serving a day.

Tyler, how much of your physique do you believe was due to Steroids? What do you think your size and strength would be like today if you didnt take any?
14 December 2011

Tyler - Well considering I did my cycle almost 4 years ago I don't attribute anything to it.  Maybe I'm ignorant by saying that but if you look at what happened shortly after my cycle when I decided to do fashion I lost EVERYTHING. Muscle does have memory but I've been natural in this whole process of getting my physique back.

Simon R
Hi Tyler!! You are really making progress in your pictures! I'm now on Christmas holidays, so I've got a lot more time to work out at home. I'm currently doing splits for shoulders and chest each week, but including cardio, dumb bell rows and barbell curls to work a few more muscle groups. I also do squats a couple of times a week. My goal is to build my chest and shoulders to help balance out my stomach!! (I'm 44, so everything I eat or drink goes to my belly!) Now I've got more time, are there any other areas I could focus on? I've got barbells, dumb bells, benches and a cross trainer in my gym. Thanks!!!!
10 December 2011

Tyler - To get rid of your abdominal fat you need to focus on nutrition and cardio.  You can do all the ab training day after day but you will NEVER see your abs if you don't have your nutrition and cardio in check.

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