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Questions 1/25/2012

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hey tyler what current pre and post workout supps are u taking?
25 January 2012

Tyler - Evogen EVP and Glycoject pre workout and post workout Cell Kem and Glycoject

i have a question regarding Hany's new program in MD. i am 6' 3 and 195. should i scale the 10 oz servings of turkey, beef, and chicken back to say 8 oz? should also scale the carb grams back too? or do you think someone my size should stick with the recommended serving sizes?
24 January 2012

Tyler - definitely scale it back.  I would say 6-7oz cooked weight for meats and play around with your carbs to see how your body responds. since you are trying to add mass your carbs and fats will still be high.

Tyler, using your old camera to take some raw footage of your workouts would be a great idea. ...at least until your new camera arrives. Daniel
24 January 2012

Tyler - filming my back workout on sunday

I feel it in my shoulders more when i do DB Flys, what am i doing wrong?
24 January 2012

Tyler - try dropping down in weight to really focus on keeping your shoulders pinned back and arching that lower back.  if i go to heavy on those i tend of feel it in my front delts and biceps.

Tyler, approximately 3 years ago I injured my shoulder. I was told I had a slap lesion tear and I ha the option of trying rehab or surgery. I opted for rehab and until recently have had no problems. Two weeks ago I re-injured that shoulder. Since I have started doing the exercises they had me doing in rehab 3 days a week and I am still able to lift back, bi's/tri's, and legs with no issues. However when I do chest I have some pains and I have eliminated shoulders for a while to allow for some recovery time. Can you suggest a few chest exercises that isolate the chest and have little strain on the shoulder? Thanks man
23 January 2012

Tyler - I would get that shoulder taken care of asap.  I think if you don't your setting yourself up for continued down time on training shoulders,chest,back efficiently. I would say every chest exercise is going to put some sort of strain on the shoulders.  If getting it fixed isn't an option then you will just have to use very light weights and learn to work around the pain using different angles etc.  I would stay away from barbells since you won't be able to move your rom around much.

Wassup. how can i get ripped and gain muscle and the same time. to get ripped i need a calorie deficit i hear. but to gain muscle i need a calorie surplus to actually build the muscle. so what do I do? thank
23 January 2012

Tyler - You have to pick one or the other to do.

Do you think some people can only get so shredded to a certain point cuz of genetics? At some point if you want to get even more shredded you have to take Clenbuterol or something else.
22 January 2012

Tyler - No it takes others longer to get shredded as long as your patient and stick to a plan that is working.  Others have it easy with fast metabolisms and the fat comes off and stays off or was never put on.  I do not suggest taking Clenbuterol.

I am trying to get into the modeling world. Any advice?
22 January 2012

Tyler - put modeling into my search bar on my site.  I've answered this question a few times.

Hey Tyler- I am standing at 6'3 and about 195 pounds with about 13 percent body fat. I am taking in 1-1.5 pounds of protein a day, coupled with healthy fats but I am confused as to how many carbs I should be taking in a day. I am looking to slowly lose fat while maintaining muscle and I am quite active in daily life, what do you think my carbs should look like?
21 January 2012

Tyler - I can't give an accurate suggestion considering I don't know what exactly you've been doing etc but a standard would be to start off with 2g per body lb and see how that works.

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