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Questions – 12/7/2011

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hey tyler in your lastest article you mentioned that while cutting down this most recent time you were still able to maintain strength and nort go flat. Ive fallen victim to the same setbacks that youve experienced when cutting down where my strength quickly drops off and my muscles seem to go flat. So I was curious what specially you did different this past time around to ensure you hit your peak condition without suffering from strength loss or muscle atrophy effects. thanks
7 December 2011

Tyler - I havn't hit my peak condition just yet but I'm on my way.  The reason for my strength and muscle fullness is that it's been a very slow process. You have to have patience and slowly bring your food down.  In the past I would get too impatient and think that I needed to see results faster and in turn I lost muscle.

how is walking 5 miles briskly 3 times a week for Cardio when trying to put on mass..thanks
6 December 2011

Tyler - It all depends on your metabolism and current body fat. What you nutrition is etc.  There are several variables that come into account when figuring out how much cardio to do.  My suggestion is to give the 3 times a week a try and see if your getting the results you want.

Basically when you said "I can see changes happening very quickly now in my condition and I can't wait to be more shredded than I ever have been!" you mean that you had to get a lot more mass to get shredded? So if I want to get ripped/shredded I need to get mass and lose what abs I have now and then shred the excess body fat?
5 December 2011

Tyler - No that's not what I meant.  I'm not sure what your goals are.  When I started working with Hany the game plan was to fill out my physique first.  I had not tried to add mass since the first 3 years of lifting.

Hey Tyler I am right around 13 percent bodyfat and am starting to see a little abs. however no matter how hard i diet they aren't coming out as soon as I expected them too. I eat clean (sweet potatoes, chicken, veggies, Greek yogurt) yet Im having trouble getting my bf down to 9-10%. tips and thoughts?
5 December 2011

Tyler - make sure your doing enough cardio since your diet is already on point.

tyler, looking large in your most recent pic good work, Im wondering though when bulking how much poundage gain would you aim for per week?
3 December 2011

Tyler - Thank you!  I really didn't set a number and neither did Hany.  When I did start his program I weighed 215lb and my heaviest was 229lb.

Hi Tyler, great web site. Really appreciate all that you put on here! I was wondering what are some good exercises to work on the rear/inside tricep? I have made good progress on the outer tricep but feel it is lacking as a whole. Any tips? Many thanks!
3 December 2011

Tyler - Stick with heavy close grip presses,skull crushers, and DB or BB overhead ext.

Tyler-If you can't afford a supplement for post workout, what would be the ideal food to take right after your workout with your whey protein? Fruit? Juice? Thanks man.
2 December 2011

Tyler - There was a time when I couldn't afford supplements at all and was drinking eggwhites with splenda post workout so I know where your coming from.  If you have whey protein though what I would do is mix it with some gatorade powder post workout and 30-45 minutes after that have a solid whole food meal.

Why is it that the healthier you route makes you lose hair. It almost makes you want to stop working it out. Are you experiencing the same thing if yes how do you deal with it?
2 December 2011

Tyler - That is not the healthier route.  Your doing something wrong with your nutrition.  The only time I experienced hair loss was when I went very low to no carbs all the time and was basically starving myself.

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