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Questions – 1/29/2013


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BCAA vs Protein Poweder post workout... im reading that i should be having a 2:1 ratio of carbs and protein powder post workout (mass gain phase)... however i have been taking a BCAA supplement with my simple carb shake... whats the real difference here'? Am i missing out on potentially additional mass by not taking an actual protein shake pwo with carbs as oppose to the BCAA?
28 January 2013

Tyler - IMO post workout while you are still at the gym have the BCAA and carb drink.  30 minutes or so after that have either a solid meal or a protein shake.  What I do is while I'm still at the gym I have 5g creatine, 10g BCAA and 30 minutes later I'll have 2 scoops whey, 5g glutamine,5g leucine,50g carbs

Is it okay to do cardio 7 times a week? 5 days LIIS and 2 days HIIT or all 7 days LIIS? I am only planning to do it for 3 weeks before going back to my old cardio routine of 6/week in the morning LIIS. I just need to get in shape for the beach
27 January 2013

Tyler - If you're only doing this for a 3 week period I think this is going to be fine.  I would do 5 days LIT and throw in 2 days of HIIT.  Check out my HIIT program on my site its a good one!

Hey Tyler, do you think its alright to take dextrose post workout like 22g during a cut? or just remove it completely?
25 January 2013

Tyler - Yeah as long as your are in a calorie deficient state then the carbs post workout is fine.

why dont you gain weight? I feel like even 220 is a bit skinny for a 6' 3" kid. In you most recent shoot u definitely lean I just think its a bit too lean to be a fitness model trying to get on covers. maybe thats not your goal though its unclear i guess. just my opinion no harm meant
25 January 2013

Tyler - I really don't focus on the number that the scale says.  Physique development/bodybuilding is about creating an illusion.  I've been around guys that weigh a lot more than me but their proportions are very different and they actually look smaller.  But right now my weight is fluctuating between 220lb-226lb and my body fat is measuring at 7.38%

danie g
hey tyler i have a problem when cutting weight and i allways lose weight from my arms ,llegs etc but never from my ab area any suggestions thanks
24 January 2013

Tyler - If you feel that you are losing fast from those areas then you might want to take a slower approach to your cutting (slowly bringing your cals down and cardio)  The other thing I want to touch on is that you can spot reduce.  We all lose fat in different areas at different rates.  Men tend to carry most of their fat in the lower abs,lower back area.  You have to be patient and keep lifting hard to keep your arms and legs full.

Tyler, currently I am taking 1 scoop of protein with carnitine pre-cardio with some coffee on the side. However wold you recommend me to switch it to BCAA caps and carnitine with my coffee?
22 January 2013

Tyler - I would do the BCAA pre cardio and the protein shake afterward

I saw your blog post on HIIT Training, isn't it quite catabolic to be doing HIIT 3 days a week? I am currently cutting and doing your old cardio routine which is incline maxed and walk at 3.4
22 January 2013

Tyler - I didn't lose any muscle mass when I did that program for 6 weeks.   What I started up this week is I'm doing 3 days of LIT and 2 days of HIIT. 

Hey Tyler, do you readjust your cals every week according to your weight for cutting?
22 January 2013

Tyler - No.  My most recent shoot my nutrition stayed the same for 4 out of the 6 weeks.  At 2 weeks out there was only a couple minor adjustments then the last few days is when it changed up a lot with all the manipulation.  I have my detailed diet and prep all in my members section of my site.

Hey Tyler, first of all loving your ebooks and membership section! Keep up the great work! One question, on days that we are doing a workout first thing in the morning, I personally don't think it's a good idea to eat a "normal" breakfast before working out. Just wondering what your opinion on that is, and what you would recommend.
21 January 2013

Tyler - This is going to be personal preference.  I personally like to have at least 2-3 meals in me before I train.  If that makes you feel bloated by having a meal before you train in the morning then you can do something like a protein shake just to have some aminos in your blood stream for that workout.

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