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Questions 1/9/2012

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Rick H.
Hey Tyler, have a question for you that I cant seem to find the answer for, I have been having very bad gas on my high protein diet but I think I am getting enough fiber (about 30 g a day) what could be the cause of this horrific gas???
9 January 2012

Tyler - If your regular you shouldn't be having the gas issues.  Make sure you are getting enough fiber in to ensure that you are.  If you are regular and are having this issue maybe try something like beano or other gas relief pills.

Hey Tyler, your story has inspired me and I have wanted to change my diet for a long time now but really didn't know where to begin. I am 6 foot 2 and I currently weigh 215. I have don research and was just woundering what my diet should look like if, I want to cut up.
8 January 2012

Tyler - lean meats and whey protein and egg whites for protein sources. oats,rice,potatoes,fruit,veges, for carbs, oils,natural peanut butter,almond butter,nuts for fats. I don't think this is what your looking for but I can't tell you a meal plan without knowing anything about you other than your height and weight.  I don't know what your goals are or what your metabolism is like etc.  Research more but some advice is keep it simple and be patient.  Give what you try time to work.

john walter
tyler i am using creatine ...some peoples told me rhat when u will stop to taking creatine ur strength and mass will fall ...if i will contenue my excercise then i can maintain it?
8 January 2012

Tyler - You will be able to maintain your strength as long as your eating properly.  You have to give your body time off from supplements though because just like everything else your body becomes adapted and will not produce the same results.

Hey Tyler, I've been following your page for a couple years now and I was wondering, what's the best chest workout you do?
7 January 2012

Tyler - I wouldn't say I have one particular best chest workout.  I will be doing a chest workout video soon whenever my new camera comes in the mail since it's on backorder.  But a typical chest workout for me is that I will pick 2-3 pressing movements and 1-2 fly movements. I keep it very basic.  All straight sets and I do 3 working sets per exercise. Rep range i use is 8-12

Tyler, my new years resolution is to dial in my diet and nutrition program. I recently purchased Arnold's encylepedia to modern body building to reference some, and of course the endless Internet article. I'm trying to eat a good clean diet and put on muscle. My breakfast now includes egg whites... My question is: does adding black pepper to my egg whites effect the nutritional value of the meal?
6 January 2012

Tyler - Congrats on starting a new year with a new nutrition plan of attack!  It is by far just as important as the daily grind in the gym.  black pepper will be fine.  I encourage you to actually use sodium seasonings on everything (if your blood pressure is normal) to reap the benefits of what sodium has to offer.  A big misconception a lot of guys have is that sodium will make you bloated and retain a ton of water.  You will only retain a bunch of water if you restrict yourself from it and then when you do have some your body is so sensitive to it it'll bloat you.  I'm not saying to have so much sodium that your tongue swells but don't be afraid to use it on everything.  It'll increase your pumps at the gym as well!

Max Jones
Tyler, when eating Chicken n Aspaagus or Fish...etc do u added any dressings, mayo....?
6 January 2012

Tyler - I use anything that has zero sugar.  Walden Farms makes some great zero cal dressings.  I use a lot of hot sauce with my fish and mustards with my chicken.

What is your advice on test boosters? Age 26, 2 years of training, 4-5 days a week.
5 January 2012

Tyler - I've taken them in the past and I did feel a strength increase.  I do think they work to increase your test levels slightly.  I'd say give it a try and see if you like it.  If your on a supplement budget though I would stick to the basics. BCAA,Creatine,Glutamine

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