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Questions – 2/3/2012

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hey Tyler was wondering about taking shakes before gym, I sometimes take a protein shake with dextrose roughly an hour before training, but I know some people who take it when they arrive at the gym or 15 miinutes before, does taking a shake immediately before training alter the digestion and blood flow to muscles?
3 February 2012

Tyler - If I were you I would have a whole food meal consisting of protein and slow carbs an hour before training and then 15-20 min have some BCAA w/ dextrose or your protein shake w/ dextrose.

Tyler, what are your goals right now? I dont think you posted your new stats at the end of the year after cutting down with Hany for your shoot? Are you still cutting down? Or putting on size'? Also, do you record what you lift at all your workouts? Do you still try to get stronger?
3 February 2012

Tyler - I still havn't done a shoot yet.  I speak with Hany tomorrow to find out what direction we are going in.  I still am going to continue to slowly lose body fat but maintain every ounce of muscle I have.  I don't write anything down as far as weights go I keep in all in my head and yeah I'm still getting stronger right now since I'm having more cals and backed down from cardio.  All that being said some personal physique goals is to fill up my weak points to have a rounder fuller look.

Tyler, just to follow up on my question ...basically my goal is to get shredded and look like that guy zyzz (except I don't want to do from roids and coke like him!!) and I want to do it as naturally as possible without taking stuff to suprress my appetite like animal cuts etc maybe you can help me with a plan don't know. thank you for your site.
3 February 2012

Tyler - Email me for rates for a plan if your interested [email protected]

Thanks a ton for the back/tri video Tyler! Got some awesome advice that I'll be sure to take to the gym tomorrow, so thanks a ton!
2 February 2012

Tyler -  Your welcome! more to come very soon! and in Hd

Yeah, when are you going to get more of those t-shirts brah?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I'll have something available soon again.  I think I'm going to do tank tops this time though

When will your "TM Keep it 100" be avail. again?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I'll have something available soon again.  I think I'm going to do tank tops this time though

Tyler- why do you only do incline walking or stair climber for cardio as opposed to just jogging or intervals on a treadmill?
31 January 2012

Tyler - I want to insure that I'm not going to burn off any muscle that I've gained.  Last year I ran a lot but had a slimmer look.

When I had a personal trainer we worked out in the morning and then I had my "big" meal after weights. He told me if I wanted to get ripped I should not eat much after 3PM and "fight my hunger." Do you think there is logic in this? I am not working out with him anymore, saw results with him, but now need to workout at night. I still have same goal of getting shredded. he said not to have stuff like chicken fish late at night and that my meals should be getting smaller as the day goes on. what do you think about this? thank you!!
30 January 2012

Tyler - No I don't think there is any logic to this.  I suggest taking a balanced approach.  Each meal have balance to it rather than some meals being very large and getting smaller through the day then starving yourself in the afternoon/night.  From my experience if you read my story of when I used to starve myself it caused me to have an eating addiction which screwed my whole body up.  So definitely keep in mind that this is health and fitness not starvation and being unhealthy. 

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