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Questions 3/22/2012

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Was just wondering what your cardio looks like right now for this cut? Like duration and intensity wise
22 March 2012

Tyler - My daily workouts will be posted in the member section blog coming soon

Hey Ty, just wanted to know your views on the use of Creatine? have you ever used it in your career? and do reccommend it to clients for quicker gains? and lastly do you consider it a "cheat" supplement? look forward to your reply
20 March 2012

Tyler - Creatine is by far my favorite supplement.  IMO I don't consider it cheating.  I've used Creatine almost every year I've been lifting with the exception of a couple.  As long as your nutrition is on point and your perfecting your workouts then yes creatine will help with results.

Hey Tyler !! thanks so much for your site and the way you help people to like their body and to progress in life !! I can't wait to access to your future members section and discover all details of your life and training evolutions ! When do you think it'll be effective ? thanks again for everything you do for your fans
20 March 2012

Tyler - I appreciate the support.  I still don't have a definite date it's out of my control now...My webmaster texted me this week and said it was being built now so hopefully very soon.

just saw your most recent post and awesome work so far.. huge improvements and youre looking jacked! I have a question regarding patience and time. how long do you usually stick with a program in order to really step back and ask yourself if the program is making the right changes for you?
20 March 2012

Tyler - At least  a minimum of 4 weeks.  If I see what I'm doing is working then I'll continue till it feels stale.

Hey Tyler, i was wondering how much glycoject you were taking pre and post workout during your fill out stage, and how you've changed your glycoject intake now that your cutting? Also, i understand you did cardio sometimes up to 35 mins pwo... did you still take glycocarb even after that? Thanks!
20 March 2012

Tyler - Yeah glycoject is still being used 1 scoop pre workout and 2 post workout

Hey Tyler, I am in the process of cutting down and I was wondering what speed you do your cardio at?
19 March 2012

Tyler - 3.7 on an 11.0 incline

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