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Questions – 9/11/2011

zink1 300x198 Questions 9/11/2011

Zink Magazine Editorial - NYC 2009 Winter

Hey tyler, I've been looking into the Dorian Yates "Blood and Guts" workout to mix things up a bit however there is a strong emphasis on intensity over the typical bodybuilding volume approach (3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps). Was wondering what your opinions were on that type of approach if my ultimate goal is a pyshique similar to ours. Thanks!
11 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest giving it a try.  I've tried this style of training along with "dog crapp" training which are similar.  I personally didn't like it.  I like to fill the muscle with the maximum amount of blood and it's hard to do that when your just going balls to the wall for 1 sets after doing 1-2 "feel sets" or "warm ups"  I've found for me that volume and pumping the muscle works best. But like I said give it a try for a month and see how your body responds and how you like it.

Hey Tyler, I know the importance of taking protein shakes and supplements on workout days, but do you do anything different on rest days, as far as what you should still take and when you should take it?
11 September 2011

Tyler - Right now out of the new supplements I'm using  (evogen - evp,cell kem, glycoject) the only one I take of my off days (wednesdays & sundays) is the cell k.e.m.

Hi Tyler, I found out about you on simply shreddes top 20 physics. First thing is thank you for the website, all the food/training tips are all great. I am struggling to stick to my diet. how do you do it and keep motivated? Also really interested in your modeling side. How do you keep the right shape for modeling with out getting to big? Thanks
11 September 2011

Michael - Your welcome! thanks for checking my site out! The diet/nutrition plan is the hardest part.  As you may have read I've had my fare share of battles with food.  One thing that might help you is to make yourself a plan. Type it out and place it on the fridge.  Have your meals always planed and prepared so you will know exactly what you will be eating at around the same times every day.  Allow yourself a cheat meal every week of something that you enjoy but don't overdo it.  I suggest having it as your last meal at the end of the week so you can have it be done with it and be ready to get right back to your plan the next day.  My motivation comes from wanting to always be better and never being content.  I have NO interest in doing fashion modeling anymore my full focus in the modeling side of things is FITNESS.

hey ty. my biceps are not very thick and they are short (there is a space between my bicep and elbow when my arm is extended. What can i do to help thicken and lengthen my biceps while following your routine? Any tips?
11 September 2011

Tyler - Do DB Hammer curls every week (to thicken your arms).  As for the length make sure your always doing a full range of motion.  Never go down to wear your elbow is locked out though.  Always go down to just a slight bend where the bicep is fully stretched then go back up to the contraction.  Another option you can try is training arms twice a week.  I've trained arms up to 3 times a week before

how about oatmeal right after a workout at night along with a chicken caesar salad? i read no carbs at night, but is this true?
10 September 2011

Tyler - If losing fat is your main goal I'd stay away from the high cal/fat/sugar dressings.  If your workout is at night and your post workout meal is oats and a chicken salad that is fine.  If your workout is during the day then yes no carbs at night

When is the best time to cheat? Right after the workout?
10 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest having your cheat meal as your last meal of the night so you won't have the urge to continue cheating and make it a cheat day rather than just one meal.  If can control that urge then directly after a workout would be a good time to cheat.

Kristopher Shook
I see you are taking new supps. Are you going to stay with any of the old supps you were previously taking besides Whey? Would you recommend ZMA and HMB while taking your new supp plan?
9 September 2011

Tyler - Nope just going to be using the new ones.  I've taken ZMA in the past and I felt it helped with getting deep sleep.  I've never tried HMB before.  I've read articles on it and was going to try it out until I seen the price tag.

Tyler I'm having trouble gaining muscle on my chest, I had exams for two and started back on Monday trying to gain some muscle but my chest is so flat any recommendations? I tried lifting heavy on it or using squeeze movement exercise but no luck, I also started using Creatine monohydrate to help with my gains
9 September 2011

Tyler - I would stick with the heavy basics for 8-12 reps.  Always start your workout with 2 presses. Week to week switch it up from starting off with incline or flat.  Also keep it switched up as to using a db and a barbell.  After your get done with your heavy presses move onto a stretching movement such as db flys and finish off with pec dec.  On the stretching exercises you still want to be using a decent amount of weight but don't lose focus on the stretch and contraction of the chest. 

Ty, I was wondering, in your video it seems that you are always training to failure on each set. true? also seems to be no rest between sets what so ever. is that your recommendation?

Tyler - I do take every working set to failure.  I rest in between straight 45 seconds to 1 minute except on legs I rest as long as I need in for squats and leg press.  When doing supersets or tri-sets or giant-sets there is no rest in between each exercise until the whole set is complete.

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