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Men's Exercise - 2008 NYC (I was sick with a head cold when I shot this and had medicine head)

Kristopher Shook
Love the cardio on an empty stomach article you posted. When I need to lean out my trainer has me do this and it works, though I have one question that wasn't addressed in the article. What is recommended for time (30, 45, 60 mins)? What is considered too much? For example I was doing level 7 to 9 on the Stairmaster for 60min. After a while I really saw the last of my abdominal fat melt away, though at times my muscles looked flat. I disagree with my trainer and think 60min is too long. So what do you recommend for time on a doing cardio on an empty stomach before it starts to eat away at muscle?
21 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest starting off with 30min for the first few weeks and see how your body reacts.  Your muscles could be feeling and looking flatter from not enough food.  Slowly build your time up on the cardio and that will lower your risk of any muscle loss.  I also suggest taking aminos before hopping on there to ensure no muscle will be lost.

hey ty. i am 6'4" and slim. i would like to bulk up so i have a body that is just a bit thicker than a beach body but not like a bodybuilders body. an example of the kind of body i want is someone like jared padalecki or alexander SkarsgÄrd. What kind of split, excercises, number of reps and sets, and types of lifts would i need in order to reach this goal. i also have a fast metabolism.
19 September 2011

Tyler - Even though you don't want to look like a bodybuilder I suggest you still follow a basic bodybuidling routine.  There is several different ways you can make your split.  Take digital pictures of yourself and study them and look at what you need to improve on the most.  Put those muscle groups at the start of the week then the ones that are your strong points at the end.  Take at least 2 days off during the week to ensure proper rest and recovery. 8-12 rep range on everything.  As far as types of lifts. Definitely stick to basic heavy free weight movements for your bread and butter.

hy Tyler ! in your post of nov 19 2010, you said to use Retin A cream for skincare ! are you still using it ? have you see a very good changement of your skin aspect since that time ? thanks
19 September 2011

Tyler - I still do use retin a cream.  With the amount of sweating I do it keeps me from breaking out for sure and also has given my skin a fresher look if that makes any since.

hello tyler... I'm a new follower..lol.. well I honestly want to be where you are at "fitness level". any advice? tips? and I will email you, so I hope you get to read it.
18 September 2011

Tyler - thanks for following! check out my youtube.com/tylermcpeak channel along with any of my old workout logs and nutrition logs.  That will be a good start for you to make progress! also I offer online training if your interested contact me [email protected]

Do cheat meals do more damage based solely on their calorie count? For instance what is worse: a large pizza or a meat buffett rich in protein, high in fat and calories? With the pizza its less calls, and meat has more, but at least with the meat you are getting a ton of protein? Which would you choose? Thanks
17 September 2011

Tyler - What I have came to learn is that a cheat meal should simply substitute only one meal.  The portions should still be close to the same as you normally eat.  One appetizer (shared), one entree and one desert (shared).  Cheat meals should not be an all out binge not unless you want to add unwanted bodyfat.  I've also learned that it's better to cheat on something that still has good nutritional value, burgers, pasta and red sauce, sushi.

Hey Tyler, I have been working out regularly for the pas 4 or 5 years and now trying to shift over to a more toned look instead of pure mass. I was wondering if you had some suggestions on quick workouts and quick meals that are good for maintaining my size while toning. I work full time and I go to grad school full time as well, so my schedule sometimes does not lend itself to convenience
16 September 2011

Tyler - Check out my workouts in November 2010-January 2011.  All of those workouts are superset and drop set based.  Great for leaning down burning fat while still holding on to what muscle you have.

Hey bud. Been following your site for awhile now. Really digging to value you briing to people by taking the time to answer questions and give a good look into the whole BB world. Gotta ask, what do you eat when you're out with buddies, late night and hit up a dennys, or late night eating? Salad? I notice alot of the food out there is so filled with fats, sugars and high sodium levels, it's so hard to get clean food. Thoughts? Thanks again.
15 September 2011

Tyler - In the past I was terrible when it came to the late night eating.  I would get drunk just as all of my friends and we would end up at a 24hr diner spot and I would feast on whatever the hell I wanted.  That was doing nothing but slowing my progress down.  If your goal is to stay lean and continue burning fat stay away from the late night eating all together.

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