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Questions – 9/25/2011

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An old digital from 2008 during my one and only steroid cycle - Roanoke VA at the BAC

what do u think about completely limiting carbs if i want to get my body fat down which is my #1 goal while preserving muscle
25 September 2011

Tyler - Good luck preserving your muscle mass with eliminating carbs.  That is going to be very hard to do.  I've done extremely low carbs and zero carbs before and it made me have no energy and my muscles were very flat.  I would get light headed just by standing up a lot of the times.  My suggestion is to keep you carbohydrates moderate.  Eat them with your first meal and then around your workout and make sure to do cardio.

Loving the site. I wanted to ask if you were still including brown rice in your diet and what do you think about purchasing a rice cooker and storing/using it for a wk???
25 September 2011

Tyler - thanks Ken! i am still having rice. I don't use a rice cooker though but i'm sure it's a great option. I just cook mine stove top 2 cups (dry) at a time.

what is a good way to measure body fat? i have heard of bodpod, but it is expensive.
24 September 2011

Tyler - there are some decent inexpensive digital ones.  Fattracker is believe is what one of them is called. around 50-60$. 

Also, what do you think of using whey right before doing cardio on a fasted stomach? thanks
24 September 2011

Tyler - Keep the whey for directly when your done.  If your worried about losing muscle mass in that fasted state have BCAA's before you do it.

Hi Tyler. As a female, how do I gain some muscle definition?
24 September 2011

Tyler - The same way males do. Proper nutrition, proper weight training and cardio regimen, and last but not least proper rest and recovery.

I am doing weights for 45 minutes, then an hour of HIIT (spinning) and eating really clean (2x a week a bar of chocolate), but can't seem to get my abs to pop like a Men's Health cover model or something equivalent. I am guessing it is that I am eating too much and not burning enough calls. What is ur take or is it genetics as well?
23 September 2011

Tyler - Focus on your nutrition.  If your working out that much..and you didn't state how many days you were.. you should be seeing fat loss.

Tyler, first off i want to say thanks for your site and everything. I have been coming on quite a bit and you have pretty much become my fitness role model. My question is i have been running a lot lately trying to lose some body fat but i dont feel like i am seeing great results. I also feel and look bloated a lot and im not sure why. My diet is also pretty clean but could probably be a little better. Thanks a lot for all your help
22 September 2011

Tyler - I think you answered your own question.  Focus on your diet.  Running will not make you bloated.

How do you work the pelvic muscle to get that v shape to pop out?
22 September 2011

Tyler - any type of leg raises.  hanging,lying floor, bench leg raises. but remember you can train abs as much as you want but if your not eating properly you'll never see them not unless you have a very fast metabolism.

Hey Ty, how much cardio would you say your doing now, while trying to build strength? I carbed cycle for a while and have been doing cardio after my training, but now im ready to put on some size and strength. I'm not sure how much I should cut back on cardio, if at all. I'll definitely be eating more and I'm not an ectomorph by any means. Currently at 13% bf.

Tyler - If your trying to maximize size and strength I suggest splitting up your cardio from weight training if your schedule can allow that.  You definitely don't want your body fat to get any higher than 13% because you will just make it that much harder on yourself once you decide to cut all the fat off.  Still keep cardio in your program at least 3-4 times a week.

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