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Questions – 9/28/2012


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What's your take on water retention and how can I lower it?
26 September 2012

Tyler - if your not competing or doing some sort of shoot i wouldn't worry about retaining some water. higher carb diet can cause water retention so a way to lower it would be to go low carb. as for sodium the only way sodium will make you retain water is if you restrict it and then have a bunch of it.  i don't restrict sodium and your body naturally gets used to the same amounts every day and you will sweat it out

Tyler, do you use or recommend any particular app on the iPhone to log your workouts?
26 September 2012

Tyler - Sorry I don't use any of those.  I design my workouts now the day of my workout and I'll just type it out in the note pad on iphone

Hey Tyler, would you recommend doing 30 - 45 mins LISS cardio 6 times a week?
25 September 2012

Tyler - It depends on what your goals are and what your body fat is before I could recommend any type of cardio.

Tyler, 2 questions for ya. What is L-Carnitine and what does it do for you? Have you ever taken a fat burner?
25 September 2012

Tyler - carnitine will help you use body fat for energy.  I use it before my cardio.  Yes I have taken a fat burner..I havn't taken one in a while but will be starting one back up next week when I start the cutting process.

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