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Questions – 9/4/2011

tylermichele2 Questions 9/4/2011

Michele Levesque and I after competing at the 2008 Universe Weekend in Miami,FL

Can I still get six pack abs if I over drink once a week or so in the club?
4 September 2011

Tyler -  I know a lot of people will most likely disagree with this but yes you still can.  I'm not promoting to do so but anyone that has followed my site knows that I like to party on the weekends.  However I DO NOT think you can reach your physiques full potential by drinking on the weekends.  Just make sure not to do the late night eating that happens a lot of the times over drinking comes into play and make sure your up the next day getting a good workout in.

Ty, hiit, how many times you think is appropriate after workouts? 20 min? more?
4 September 2011

Tyler - It depends on where your body fat is and how your body responds to it.  Experiment with it but if you have a lot to lose 20 minutes minimum 4-5 days a week.  If you have a fast metabolism and only have a little bit of fat to get off I would start off with 10-15 minutes 4-5 days a week.

What is ur opinion on intermittent fasting? It did not seem to work well for me as I tried it yesterday, but my body is not used to it. I could literally not lift a single weight and felt tired. Had to stop after 20 minutes. But I know people who say it works. Maybe if I used a stimulant like Jack3d I would have had more energy to work without food.
3 September 2011

Tyler - my opinion on fasting is that it's bullshit.  If your goal is to BUILD your physique you cannot do that by fasting for hours and not feeding the body then having very large meals .  I tried warriors diet and lean gains and it did not work for me at all.  my workouts were horrible because i had no energy and my physique was not progressing.  I suggest stick with 6 meals a day.  As far as Jack3d..I'm not a fan of that either..I love stimulants but every day after I took that I would crash badly and have to nap.

Do I need to lose weight to get a six pack? Can I maintain my muscle and still lose fat around my abs? I am 70KG and about 5 foot 7. I don't want to drop below 70KG particularly. Thank you
3 September 2011

Tyler - In order to see your abs your going to have to drop body fat which most likely means you will lose a little bit of weight.  If you do it correctly and be patient you won't have to worry about losing muscle mass.  As long as you weight train hard and correctly and eating the proper nutrition plan you will be fine.

tyler, what kind of diet you had when you take your first photos, like in the new that you posted??? 2008/2009?
2 September 2011

Tyler - I remember that my diet for the Rick Day pictures in 2008 summer was something like this

  1. as soon as i woke up 50g whey shake, 1 banana
  2. 30 minutes after - chicken,1/2 cup oats (ate dry w/ splenda mixed in)
  3. pack of tuna fish or chicken, 1/2 cup oats (ate dry w/ splenda)
  4. same as 4
  5. workout
  6. 50g whey shake, (gatorade or waxy maize)
  7. chicken,steak,tuna fish, and veggies

For the David Vance picture in miami in the summer of 2008 my girlfriend at the time Michele Levesque did my diet for me and got me ready for Universe Weekend where I placed 9th out of 100 guys.  I really can't remember my exact diet but it was chicken,boiled egg whites,asparagus, oats, sweet potatoes, all very similar foods that I've always had.

when are those pics from june going to be available?
2 September 2011

Tyler - Paul Reitz just texted me the other day and told me he had just gotten back from Paris and was going to work on more pictures.  I've posted a couple of the ones that I've gotten back so far. 

Hi Ty, it's great for you to follow the Hani's programm ! a new adventuree and and a new steop of your achievement. On your bodyspace links, your body stats wern't updated since Nov, 2010 ! would you please give us your updated figures in order to follow yours evolution during your new training and diet program ?? Is your ulitmate goal still 4% bodyfat ? thanks a lot ! you're the BEST
2 September 2011

Tyler -  I will make a post of this with current digitals and all of my updated stats.  My goal is to still reach 3.5-4% bodyfat for my upcoming shoots.

hey ty. since you wont be posting your workout routines that i follow, where would be a good spot to start from to get the same results you have?

Tyler - Try out any of my workouts that are on this site as they all have contributed to creating the physique I have.  If your going for more of a thinner/athletic lean look I would try a lot of my workouts I was doing in November and December 2010.  If your trying to build more lean mass while still keeping your body fat low I would try more of my recent post for the past couple of months.

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